If you can’t see Kim Kardashian in a London pub as a PR stunt, get an urgent grip

No OF COURSE she just fancied a Paddy’s Day pint!

Kim Kardashian, billionaire businesswoman and arguably the most famous celebrity in the world, decided to spend Saint Patrick’s Day in the same kind of pub you might find your grandad. Of course, it went viral – with the pic of Kimberly K clutching a pint and a baby Guinness becoming inescapable on any social media platform you fancy wasting an hour scrolling on. It’s a mildly amusing and bizarre sight, but what to me is even more bizarre than seeing someone so rich and famous have a pint in a London pub is that anyone thinks she’s doing so for any other reason than to further her profile and career. Kim Kardashian and her London pint was a PR stunt, and you know it.

May I direct you to this exact tweet:

As an explanation for the now infamous picture, drag queen, DJ, musician (and good pal of mine) Monopoly Phonic tweeted the following the other day: “Because the aspirational Instagram influencer era is dying in favour of the everyday normal person TikTok influencer era and she is doing things to try and appear more normal on purpose.” Not only did I think this was uncontroversial, I thought it was extremely well put and obvious answer to why Kim Kardashian might be found in a boozer – a cultural shift which I’ll get into more shortly.

What fascinated me about this was the Monopoly’s tweet did not go down with obvious head nods and retweets to all, with a scroll through the quote tweets revealing a surprising number of people who truly believed that Kim Kardashian just fancies a pint. A selection of the quotes read “This is so chronically online, she just wanted a pint” “I mean I think she was just having a Guinness because it was St Patrick’s day but go off…” and “Her entire career, tv show, and popularity was always centred on her and her family sharing their normal moments you fucking idiot.”

It’s completely fascinating to me that people take things online so earnestly. Even more so when the following image was shared of the pub setup, and clearly revealed how this was no casual, unplanned pint: