Love Island 2023 reunion memes

18 memes about the Love Island reunion that prove we only care about Scott and Catherine

They were still up flirting at 5am…

The only part of last night’s Love Island reunion that anybody cared about had nothing to do with the finale at all. It barely had anything to do with any drama we’d seen on the show for weeks. No one was arsed what Jess and Sammy had done since they bagged the 50k. We certainly didn’t want to watch a showreel of TikToks that Molly has forced Zachariah into doing. I would kind of allow seeing Whitney again and a fight from Kady – but the only thing we wanted to see was Scott and Catherine together again. End of. And nothing proves that more than how feral we were about the Love Island 2023 reunion for Scott and Catherine tea than all the tweets and memes about them last night. Here’s a roundup of the best.

1. They’re too wholesome

2. It feels good to be right!

3. Was all going down on Ruchee’s live

4. SCOTT’S ANGELS omg not the hashtag

5. The most cinematic visual I’ve ever seen my heart is throbbing

6. It’s absolutely crackling baby

7. They’re living my dream


9. My heart is impossibly full

10. Him in the dressing room last night fr


12. Where are your chuckles now!!!

13. How are they that beautiful I cba

14. We need a Netflix mini series about them

15. Icons tbh

16. I know this isn’t Catherine related but I’m weeping

17. I’m simping so bad it’s embarrassing

18. My babies

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