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Love Island Movie Nights ranked

Every explosive Love Island movie night, ranked by sheer carnage

Jake Cornish never recovered

Movie night is such an essential part of any Love Island season that it’s honestly incredulous to believe it’s only been a part of the show since 2021. I know, I know – it feels wrong. We’ve only had four movie nights, but unlike most film franchises when they get to their fourth instalment we’re yet to see any decline in impact, drama and cringe induced hilarity. But which is the best? Here’s a considered ranked rundown of all the Love Island movie nights, ranking them according to apocalyptic levels of carnage.

4. Series nine

All Love Island movie nights have their explosions, but in last place comes 2023 winter Love Island season nine. There’s big drama here from Shaq and Tanya, Jessie gets very upset after Will says he’s keen to have daddy whispered in his ear at Casa and an awkward bitchy exposé of Olivia Hawkins. But this one just never hits as hard as the others, mostly because we’re a bit less invested in this bunch of Islanders.

3. Series eight

Next up is summer 2022, where insecurities reigned and Luca looked the most evil he’d looked all season. Watching Luca brim with jealousy and rage over a minor flirt from Billy and Gemma during Casa really amped up where movie nights are at their best – exposing insecurities and fragile masculinity and possessiveness. The double standards are always real on movie night. A lot of tension here in a great season but of all the Love Island movie night ranked it’s staying here due to all of the couples working it out pretty easily despite what they watched.

2. Series 10

We are still reeling from the ramifications of the most recent movie night – but this one was fiery. Someone put 50p in Leah who was booting right off, Scott was clapping back, Tyrique was shaking with rage, Kady was mother hen, Jess wept and Sammy looked like the most evil man on earth. A wow season keeps on wowing.

1. Series seven

Rarely can any film sequel best the power of the original, and the debut of movie night in 2021 is no exception to the rule. After a chaotic Casa Amor, viewers were desperate for fan fave Liberty to see the real Jake Cornish. Enter the concept of movie night, the perfect way for producers to expose trouble and turn things on their head. Faye FUMING at Jake remains one of the best things in franchise history – he was rattled. I thought tears may roll.

This movie night also kicked off the most explosive and complained about fight of the season between a livid Faye and a sad Teddy.

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