Everything you need to know about UEFN, Epic’s Creative editor changing Fortnite forever

How is this even the same game!?

Yesterday, Epic Games unveiled Creative 2.0 in Fortnite – Unreal Editor for Fortnite, UEFN. It’s something fans have been waiting for for a long time, but no one was braced for how truly amazing it looks. Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite UEFN explained after the announcement yesterday.

What actually can you do?

Pretty much anything. What UEFN lets players do in Fortnite is as big as their imagination is willing to go. Not only does UEFN give creators the freedom to use anything in the game to make your own islands, that you could fill with planes or choppers or even the dreaded BRUTEs, it lets you make things that don’t even look anything like Fortnite. I mean, some of these visuals look like you’re playing a triple a title, it’s jaw dropping how far this game has come honestly.

You can design anything, then hop into play and test it. And all of it is live to use right now on the current Fortnite engine.

You can get paid with Creative Economy 2.0

Better still, if you spend hours designing a meticulous world that becomes insanely popular, you can gain up to 40 per cent of the revenue based on four aspects: Popularity, engagement, retention and introducing new players to Fortnite.

As I explained, everyone’s creativity with Fortnite UEFN Creative is going to be off the charts – there are already people trying to exactly recreate the map from Chapter One – and despite the lack of the same level of nostalgia you can bet that Chapter Two and Three maps will be coming soon.

I am dying to drop in and see what people far more talented than me are going to whip up.


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