Angelllboys TikTok

Who are the Angelllboys, the boujee suit wearing gays who are all over the TikTok FYP?

How the hell are they making content with The Jonas Brothers?

Perhaps it is my admittedly LGBTQ algorithm, but my social media feeds have been bemusingly filled with the poshest, suit-clad boujie gays you have ever seen in your life. Like two spawns of Ryan-Mark from The Apprentice on steroids, the Angelllboys are a couple of boyfriends up to upper class carnage all over the For You Page. Is it a joke? Is it satire? Is it tongue in cheek? Nobody is clear, but what is clear is that their antics are getting them viral and making content with The piggin Jonas Brothers. So who are the Angelllboys on TikTok, how did they get famous and what the hell is going on with it all? Here’s my best attempt at explaining.


#boyfriend #adayinmylife #spendthedaywithme #explorelondon #gayrelationship #hermes

♬ „The Four Seasons” – Winter – part 1 60″ (Vivaldi) – Orchestra of Classical Music

This is textbook Angelllboys content. Boujee London antics, outrageous luxury – but who are they? Why aren’t they working? Do they have jobs? Are they sweating in their suits?


#spendthedaywithme #dayinmylife #boyfriend #gay #lgbt

♬ Pieces of Memory – Carlos Carty

The Angelllboys don’t have an Instagram from what I can find – they exist on some parallel TikTok universe where they just get up to their antics. One of life’s biggest mysteries right now is if this is all satire or if they’re being authentic. TikTok comment sections debate this on almost every video from the Angelllboys on TikTok – with some saying they’re the best parody account on the app and others questioning how it can be parody when they’re right there living the life of luxury. You can’t fake them suits, diva!

They’ve got over 100,000 TikTok followers now and they’ve started making content with The Jonas Brothers, so it’s fair to say the Angelllboys are making suspicious waves with their content and getting tongues a’wagging.


#boyfriend #jonasbrothers #cute #love #nickjonas #joejonas #kevinjonas

♬ original sound – ANGELLLBOYS

Like, how is this going on? I need answers.

A deep dive names the Angelllboys as Liam and James, who are Birkin bag experts after Liam used to work in Selfridges Manchester. They say they’ve seen every type of Birkin bag. A boujee slay it must be said.


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