Hamish Harding Titanic submarine

Who is Hamish Harding? The British billionaire currently missing in the Titanic submarine

He’s a Cambridge graduate

Since the 18th June, a rescue mission has been underway to find the missing Titan sub, a submersible carrying five passengers that has gone missing on a trip down to explore the wreck of the Titanic. One of the missing people aboard is Hamish Harding, a British billionaire businessman and explorer. Here’s everything you need to know about Hamish Harding whilst rescue attempts continue to find the missing Titanic submarine.

He’s the chair of Action Aviation

Hamish Harding is the founder of Action Group, and the chairman of Action Aviation which is a private aviation company. He’s British, but based in Dubai which is where the company’s headquarters are. He’s married to Linda Harding, and has two sons Rory and Giles as well as two stepchildren in Brian and Laura. Harding’s son Giles comes on trips with him, doing the Challenger Deep on in 2021 as well as becoming the youngest person to reach the South Pole when he was 12.

He’s a Cambridge grad

Hamish Harding graduated from Cambridge with a degree in natural sciences and chemical engineering.

Harding is a pilot and explorer

Considering the industry he works in, it makes sense that Hamish Harding is no first timer when it comes to trips like the Titanic submarine. He has a pilot license and is a trustee of the Explorers Club.

He’s visited the South Pole many times – going with Buzz Aldrin once who was the oldest to ever go. He’s also been praised for the fastest navigation of earth via both the North and South poles.

He’s got three Guinness World Records

And they’re all to do with his adventuring work.

He went to space last year

Harding went on a space trip with Jeff Bezos’ company last year that was regarded as a success.

He also went down to Challenger Deep – the lowest part of the Earth’s seabed in 2021 and achieved the greatest time spent at the ocean’s furthest depth in 2021.

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