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Love Island All Stars menace ranking

A menace ranking of the Love Island All Stars cast by who’s gonna cause the most havoc

Mischief lies behind Georgia Steel’s eyes

Over the years, Love Island has introduced the world to a countless ream of menaces. Menace is a word which here means those who have quite literally had the country up in arms over their action in that villa. With the menace count reaching eye-watering new totals – what do ITV do? They announce an All Stars season of course, and get as many of its Love Island menaces from the past in the villa once again to cause maximum menace mayhem. With that in mind, here’s my menace ranking of the full Love Island All Stars cast by who’s going to cause the mot havoc.

14. Hannah


Hannah in all her wonder feels like she would be an eternal menace, but it’s all bravado. She’s just there to serve extravagant Scouse excellence and call Anton “A lovely lad”. Neutral, serene, demure.

13. Demi 


The word menace and Demi do not go together at all – so she must remain at the bottom end of the Love Island All Stars menace ranking. Terminally delightful.

12. Georgia H

Not usually someone I’d associate as a menace, but deep menace potential with the devious way she asked Demi questions to find out how things are going with Chris because she’s got her eyes on him. Slay.

11. Liberty

Usually Liberty is right at the bottom of the menace pile but her very existence has caused Jake Cornish to spiral and quit the show, which is dark horse menace behaviour if I’ve ever seen it.

10. Callum


Seems like a nice lad but you can’t look this GORGEOUS and not be a total menace. Sorry.

9. Chris


There is deep mischief and chaos in Chris Taylor. He’s hilarious, stupid and out for a laugh – a menace indeed. He’s just lucky his brand of menace is endearing and heroic unlike some others ranked higher than him. A sexy menace. One of the goodies.

8. Luis

Hard to rank because he’s literally quit. Quitting is menace behaviour but also feel like Jake Cornish is so forsworn he was never going to cause chaos because no one fancies him. Much to think about.

6. Kaz

Love Island All Stars menace ranking

Never in my life would I have thought Kaz could make it into the upper half of this Love Island All Stars menace ranking, but against all odds are sensible queen has been a bit of a menace. She sat atop Luis like her life depended on it last night. Carnage.

5. Anton

Those glasses!?!?!?!!? MENACE.

4. Molly

Love Island All Stars menace ranking

This diva is so unfathomably hot she is causing menace chaos without even meaning to. Men in that villa are preparing to actively put a graft in with her even when her ex fella of three years is right there. Her power!

3. Mitch

Love Island All Stars menace ranking

Look at this picture. Do you have any other word for him than menace? Even when he’s not meaning to be, he’s a messy little tinker menace.

2. Toby

Love Island All Stars menace ranking


Don’t be fooled by the conservative short length – this is a man who has only known menace ways.

1. Georgia S

Love Island All Stars menace ranking


She’s loyal babes – loyal to the mayhem. The way she has a look of mayhem behind her eyes and a new fringe that will break the hearts and minds of men nationwide is god tier. Love her. A menace of the highest order who has everyone in a chokehold. She’s back, boo!

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