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Fern Britton Phillip Schofield feud

Inside the long and messy feud between Fern Britton and Phillip Schofield

Need her to give us more Schofe goss on Celebrity Big Brother

Fern Britton returned to mainstream telly last night as she walked into the Celebrity Big Brother house, and the one thing everyone is most seated for as we wait with baited breath to see what she’s going to be like is to see if she’ll open up about her relationship with her disgraced former co-star Phillip Schofield. The two hosted This Morning for years together, before Fern Britton dramatically quit the show in 2009, abruptly – so here is all you need to know about inside the feud that still rages on with Phillip Schofield.

They ‘no longer speak’

Fern said that her and Phil no longer speak. This comment came after Phil saying in his autobiography that the two had an intense falling out and it led to their relationship going downhill. Apparently beyond repair.

There were rumours it was about a pay dispute

Initially people thought Fern left This Morning because Phillip was getting paid more than her, but even if that was the case she shut down reports that that was the last straw in 2020.

“There was also a persistent rumour that I left because Phillip was being paid more than me and I always say to people, “Why would I leave a show to go to nothing if I was worried about money?”’ She said in 2020 show whilst appearing on the Ray D’Arcy show.  “Something happened and I thought, “That’s it really” and I walked away and resigned. I was treated pretty poorly, actually. And after a while I just thought, “Sod it”.”

What’s their relationship like now?

Phillip said he tried to “make things right” and that he “missed her deeply” in his book, but the two argued a bit on socials after Fern claimed she wasn’t invited to collect the Bafta when This Morning won for 30 years on the box.

On Twitter, Phillip said “Odd really, because she was invited and declined #memoryloss we’d have loved her to be there. A vital and much-loved part of the show.” In 2013, he said “We were involved in the show and mates at the time, but we don’t really…we’re not in touch now.

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