Love Island Grafties memes

23 savage memes about the Grafties that prove it’s the best Love Island addition in years

Scott VS Mitch was for the history books

When the producers declared the Grafties, we knew there’d be drama. But I don’t think any of us were prepared for what we actually got, which was ROLL THE TAPES. The tapes were well and truly rolled, and situations were flipped on their heads with secrets spilled and carnage reigning. We literally got Movie Night 2: This Time It’s Personal – and I’m so thankful for it. As usual, the memes and tweets as everyone watched the chaos unfold were the highlight of it all – so here’s a quick roundup of the best reacting to the first ever Love Island Grafties.

1. Lochan was on smoke and I was living

2. I’m gonna need Ella to pipe up

3. The tension was through the roof

4. It’s because he’s actually an adult

5. The tapes? Rolled

6. Not Sandra Scott!

— ShallyPopping (@BayeOA) July 25, 2023

— SP🇸🇱 (@septimusajprime) July 25, 2023

8. It doesn’t sit right with me

9. Oh we’re abolishing the monarchy

10. True – it’s not on

11. Yeah what’s life without a liccle gossip?

12. It needs to stop

13. Ella speak up challenge

13. It’s a madness

14. No it’s so true, he’s giving year 11

15. I have to agree… It’s going too far

16. And I would weep

17. A savage, SAVAGE, move

18. Something’s not sitting right

19. I can’t believe I used to find him fit lmao

20. It was one for the girlies

21. Getting the word… BAFTA

22. Not a want but a NEED

23. Three inexcusable rude moments… BANNED

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