Just 22 memes about Cocaine Bear that are somehow even wilder than the movie

The bear being one of the girlies is so slay

I’ve seen some detractors of the new Elizabeth Banks film Cocaine Bear, and to them I say: What were you expecting? I was expecting a chaotic and silly little waste of an hour and a half where I laugh, eat popcorn and shake my head at the gory nonsense with a moderately pleased smirk on my face. I got just that! A fun and deeply chaotic hour and a half adaptation of a mad true story with a lot of artistic liberty taken that I had a great time with. All the way through, I thought about how funny the memes were inevitably going to be and Twitter did not let me down. Here are the best Cocaine Bear memes for you to laugh at after the credits stop rolling.

1. She is a queen honestly

2. She was not the villain

3. One of cinema’s greatest journies


4. More nonsense cinema please!

5. Masterpiece alert!

6. Best Actress in a motion picture


7. Bye

8. I would watch the hell out of Cocaine Shark

9. This gave me PTSD

10. Two queens

11. This is absolutely sending me


12. RIP Ray Liotta king !!!

13. One ticket to Ketamine Horse please!


14. Yeah you do actually

15. Chilled one x

16. Believe women


17. Oh to be that bear

18. She’s so gritty


19. Spat my drink out

20. Poor gal just wanted a snog

21. Does Paddington have ID?

22. Of all the Cocaine Bear memes, it’s this that’s most accurate

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