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All the shows you need to watch if you love Happy Valley, to fill the void of it ending

Viv Deering from No Offence has huge Catherine Cawood vibes

Happy Valley is ending this weekend, and if you’re anything like me you’ll be absolutely distraught at such a prospect. Saying bye to Catherine Cawood and the rest of them is hard enough even when knowing things will end well, but with the pit in my stomach about the tragic ending on the horizon I’m bereft. When it all wraps up, you’ll be on the hunt for shows similar to love the same way – I’ve got you covered. Here’s a roundup of some shows you’ll like to watch if you love Happy Valley.

No Offence

Via Channel 4

No Offence is a three season long police show set in Greater Manchester, by the same guy who created Shameless. The show is gritty, funny and has the same northern charm as Happy Valley – with Joanna Scanlan stealing the show in a Catherine Cawood-esque way as DI Viv Deering. Underrated and great!

Line of Duty

Not a soul on this earth hasn’t watched it, but in case you haven’t – take this as your sign that if you love Happy Valley you need to get Line of Duty boxed off urgently.

Last Tango in Halifax

Another Sally Wainwright show starring Sarah Lancs! If you love the grittiness of Happy Valley and the high stakes, perhaps not one for you – but if you’re keen for how great an actor Sarah Lancashire is and how wonderful Sally Wainwright’s writing is, you’ll be wowed.


I mean, what a time this was. One of the greatest shows in UK police drama history – and really matches Happy Valley levels of acting talent if that’s what you’re after. Sarah Lancashire deserves the same Hollywood ascent Olivia Colman got.


shows like Happy Valley

If the scarier end of Happy Valley proceedings is what has you tuning in, then Luther will scare the living daylights out of you. The killers in this one are truly the stuff of nightmares.


Shows like Happy Valley

Not really one of the shows most like Happy Valley on this list, but McMafia does have James Norton in the lead role doing equally as good a job as he does as Tommy Lee Royce in this show about the British born son of a Russian mafia boss.

Trigger Point

Shows like Happy Valley

Watch the actor who plays Rob Hepworth star with her royal highness Vicky McClure in ITV’s Trigger Point, if you need a palate cleanser from how pure evil he is in Happy Valley.

Happy Valley season three airs Sundays at 9pm on BBC One, but you can refresh yourself by watching the boxset on iPlayer.

All images courtesy of BBC.

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