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meme Halloween costumes 2023

‘I hate gay Halloween parties’: The best and most niche meme costumes of 2023

Explaining these costumes to a Victorian orphan would put them in a coma

For Halloween 2023, nobody was messing about. Gone were ghouls, goblins, spirits and dead things and in were the most niche, meme costumes imaginable. Twitter and TikTok gays are leading the way when it comes to viral costumes that sum up the year’s best pop culture references and I wouldn’t have it any other way. “I hate gay Halloween parties what do you mean you’re-” followed by a variety of chaos filled my Twitter and TikTok, so here’s a comprehensive rundown of the most unmissable meme costumes from 2023.

1. Big Miss Steak – I am crying

2. Niche RuPaul costumes are god tier

3. Release Bottoms in UK cinemas immediately

4. I love and cherish the TikTok Fast Car lesbian

5. The layers of this must be studied

6. Alright.. Who’s got my Maroon 5 CD? It’s gone missing!

— Aunt Aoife  (@OhBabyLetMegIn) October 29, 2023

— bally singh (@putasinghonit) October 29, 2023

8. This is actually the best one how did the wig get acquired so fast

9. Not Shiv Roy in 3 x 8 hahahaha

10. I love nonsense and love being gay… The meme Halloween costumes of 2023 are next level

11. I have to stan the problematic confidence activist

12. One of the best videos of all time

13. Oh no not that…

14. Actually kind of gobbled

15. The Laughing Cow is a gay icon

16. What do you mean you’re Idina Menzel promoting Beast?


#idinamenzel #idinamenzelbeast #idinamenzeldramatic #idinamenzeledit #idinamenzelsupremacy @Idina Menzel

♬ Beast (Part 4) – Idina Menzel

17. Not that stupid Beyonce wig I can’t



♬ original sound – Promyse

18. Love love love the song Who’s That Chick, love that kind of, uh, stuff


Happy (almost) halloweekend #dragrace #rupaulsdragrace #whosthatchick #fyp

♬ original sound – Louis Hanson

19. Gemma, that’s quite dramatic


I’d give my SPLEEN for Claudia Winkleman’s hair #claudiawinkleman #halloween #fyp

♬ original sound – josh

I hope meme Halloween costumes never die because 2023 has been next level. For all the latest horror news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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