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Everything Steve Miller’s been up to since he called everyone obese on Fat Families

Shock: He’s still at it!

“I’m gonna be meeting some right beached blubber bellies”, “These girls have got backstage passes to Porkyville” and “Mr and Mrs Massive Fatty” – just a few of some of the utterly savage one liners uttered by Steve Miller when he hosted Fat Families, the archetypal example of the level of savagery that plagued British reality TV in the 2000s. Thanks to TikTok, clips from the controversial show are doing the round and have now reached the States – where American TikTok creators can’t believe what they’re seeing now they’re discovering the wild shows we grew up on. But what has Fat Families overlord Steve Miller been up to since he declared the nation “not morbidly obese, SUPER MORBIDLY OBESE”? I’ve got you covered.

Who is Steve Miller?

Sassy, savage and, quite frankly, ridiculous Steve Miller is weight loss hypnotherapist who runs his own company called Fatnosis. He’s been doing hypnotherapy weight loss treatment since he set his own clinic up in Birmingham in 2002 and has had a few books out on the subject before becoming the host of Fat Families – where his reputation for being brutal became national knowledge.

On his website, Steve says “Having personal experience of being overweight, lacking confidence and panic attacks Steve has a natural empathy and energy for supporting his clients with these issues.”

Here’s a supercut of his zinging words:


UK TV at its finest… 😆 #uk #uktv #tv

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What’s he been up to since calling everyone fatties?

In what will come as a shock to literally no one, Steve Miller is still calling everyone fatties in the national press. He’s always cropping up on the likes of Good Morning Britain, This Morning, Loose Women and GB News with his own controversial brand of “help”.

He also has columns in the papers talking all things “fatties”, in the Express, Telegraph and mags like Cosmo and GQ.

He’s recently been advocating for people losing weight to wear a sticker that tells people that although they’re fat, they’re losing it. Naturally, it’s been controversial.

‘Don’t be a porker, be a corker’: Steve Miller is on Insta

If you want to stare agog at the kind of thing Steve Miller comes out with since he was on Fat Families, which he admits couldn’t be made now, he’s on Instagram. @Steven_j._miller_ – a chaotically punctuated handle by any stretch.

Steve shares client updates on there, alongside the occasional rant about how much he’s against the Pride flag and Pride month even though he’s, in his words, “do they not realise that I enjoy pulling a tail?”

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