A rundown of the most evil characters in Black Mirror history

Still feel sick after the twist in Loch Henry

Black Mirror is hardly short of malevolent characters across its 27 episodes, but there are some that really plummet new depths of evil. With season six out now, even more horror has been revealed as Charlie Brooker and co find new ways to shock and repulse is with their dark anthology tales. Here’s a quick rundown of the most evil characters in Black Mirror history, and what makes them so bad.

Victoria – White Bear

White Bear’s big reveal is that the hero of the story who we go on the ride with, Victoria, is actually a child murderer who is serving her punishment at White Bear Justice Park for her crimes. Modelled off the murders of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, Victoria’s crimes are as evil as they get with her manipulating her accomplice and planning the child murder for four years.

Kenny – Shut Up and Dance

In another White Bearian twist, Shut Up and Dance reveals the episode’s protagonist Kenny is going through the blackmailing because he was caught masturbating to child pornography.

Arquette and the government from Men Against Fire

The Men Against Fire plot, which sees soldiers implemented with a system that shows people of a certain ethnic group as mutants so that the soldiers can commit genocide without remorse. Everyone involved is truly heinous.

Garrett Scholes – Hated in the Nation

Garrett Scholes, the barely seen antagonist of Hated in the Nation, was the hacker behind the genocide using the ADI bees to kill 400,000 people. He targeted anyone who used the #DeathTo hashtag in an attempt to critique the way people declare judgement on social media hidden behind screens. He has the highest death toll of any Black Mirror killer.

Robert Daly – USS Callister

Black Mirror evil characters

Whilst Robert Daly commits no crimes towards people in the real world, his sadistic method of making sentient clones of his colleagues for his modded dev version of his game so he can torture them is absolutely horrifying. Sure, the clones are virtual – but they can feel everything he does and he tortures them for pleasure. He kills James Walton’s child in the game and forces him to watch so the Walton clone will obey. Harrowing.

Mia – Crocodile

Black Mirror evil characters

Black Mirror evil characters

Peter Dawson gets implanted with a chip that helped him experience what his patients were feeling to help him diagnose them quicker. When someone dies and he feels it, he gets aroused by the pain and starts mutilating himself and eventually turns to murder because it turns him on so much. Of all the Black Mirror evil characters, it’s this one that knocks me sick the most.

Janet McCardle, Kenneth McCardle and Iain Odair – Loch Henry

Black Mirror evil characters

Not many evil Black Mirror characters are as shocking or as depraved as this one, when in the big twist of the latest season’s Loch Henry it’s revealed that Davis’ softly spoken mum and dad were part of a sadistic serial killing trio along with Iain Adair who tortured tourists for sexual pleasure before murdering them in brutal ways.

The cultists – Beyond The Sea

Black Mirror evil characters

The Manson family inspired cultists in Beyond The Sea brutally murder David Ross’ family and burn his replica robot body alive, stranding him in space and causing the rest of the sad events of the episode. Their brutal attack is harrowing.

David Ross – Beyond The Sea

After the above cultists murder his family and destroy his replica, David Ross starts to lose his mind. His colleague in space Cliff allows him trips back into Cliff’s replica, where David in Cliff’s body starts to fall for Cliff’s wife Lana. When Lana rejects him and when Cliff’s son ruins his painting, David (in Cliff’s replica) hits Cliff’s son. Lana and Cliff ban him from using the replica again. David tricks Cliff out into space to fix a non-existent error on a cooler, and when Cliff comes back in he finds that David sneaked back into Cliff’s replica and brutally murdered Lana and her and Cliff’s son. Harrowing.

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