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An investigation into why Love Island ALWAYS does Kaz dirty

Just get this queen a man ffs

From the second she stepped into the Love Island 2021 villa, season seven Islander and now official All Star Kaz Kamwi was an icon. If you go back and read my very first ranking of that series, I put Kaz instantly at the to of the list. Great vibes from the off, and the season just proved me right. Kaz was the best communicator in the villa, and an amazing friend to the girls. And whilst she did have a romance with Tyler towards the end of the series that got her into the final – it was short lived after the show. Before that, it felt like the men in the villa never put Kaz first. For those who thought maybe Love Island All Stars would be Kaz in her prime – with the show finally putting in men who want to seriously get to know her and see her for her value – we quickly realised we were going to be let down. Why does Love Island even now on All Stars still do Ar Kaz dirty?

From the start, it was like men never valued her

Despite the fact she’s utterly unreal, on her season it felt like Kaz was never anybody’s “type”. I don’t feel like I’m the most qualified writer to go into depth about the extra criticism and difficulties Black women face when dating on TV compared to their blonde and white peers in the villa – who seemingly every male and every new bombshell wants to get to know – but I’ll link to a great article in Huff Post about it here.


Kaz started her series coupled up with Toby, and they never really got it going very far beyond friendship. There were some dalliances of romance, but nothing really ever came of it and Toby was quick to move on. Kaz and Aaron Francis then went on to have a brief time coupled up together where they shared a few kisses, but Aaron quickly moved on to Lucinda who he recouped with. The two were not long after that dumped from the villa. Karma is my boyfriend, etc, etc.

Kaz then meets Tyler when he comes into the villa with Abigail and Georgia. They couple up, but at Casa Amor Kaz meets Matthew and she comes back to the villa with him. He’s… very fit. As is Tyler, but he has trouble vibes. Kaz is torn between the two for a time before eventually picking Tyler. And we all know how that ends.

Whilst it was great to see Kaz in the final of her season, it was a shame to feel like she was there because we loved Kaz rather than because she was in a particularly strong couple. Arguably Kaz’s best ever coupling on the show has been with Liberty – with the two creating inseparable friendship bond on and off screen. I hung out with Kaz and Lib for a day at a festival and had an amazing time with both – their warmth just radiates.

All Stars should have been her time

I really thought production would learn from their lesson previously and know if they were casting Kaz to really give her the chance to find something good in the villa. How naive am I? First day on Love Island All Stars and Kaz got voted by THE PUBLIC to be coupled up with Mitch. Lord, please, give me strength.


Worse still, she then wanted… Luis. Luis. Nothing here will end well. It’s all just been disastrous, despite the fact Kaz has never been more likeable. Then the producers sent in Tyler, who clearly they have no potential of going forward as a couple. Tyler quickly started dating Hannah and any drama or romance potential between him and Kaz was quashed. So what happens to Kaz now? She gets lumped in a friendship couple with Chris Taylor who perhaps gave the worst coupling up speech ever after he was stung about Arabella – which Kaz then had to tell him off for.

What doe Kaz have to do to get the Love Island time she deserves – because it seems All Stars has no answers? Once again, she’s cursed to being beloved by the fans, not loved by the men of the villa (at least not romantically). Potentially the future holds some spark with Anton after the kiss last night. I guess only time will tell.

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