Mollie’s shared the first thing she said to Harry after he screwed her over on The Traitors

I’ve been literally dying to know this

The nation was on tenterhooks and making the edge of its sofa a significant warm spot when watching Friday’s conclusion of The Traitors series two, as we watched Mollie finally find out that Harry, the player she put her entire faith and trust into, was the mastermind Traitor after all. Harry deserved to win, but watching Mollie and her trust shatter in front of us was always going to be hard to watch but excellent TV. Ever since the episode aired, everyone has been desperate for the answer to one major question: what did Mollie say to her closest friend Harry once she found out he was one of the Traitors?

Rachel Burden on BBC Breakfast asked the question on everyone’s lips to Mollie yesterday, who finally gave us answers on what she said to Harry. “I just called him a name and then we had a big hug. I think in that moment, you’ve got to just laugh about it, to be honest. I just said to him ‘Fair play’.


“It’s such a wild game, and I had the best experience ever, AND I’m not going to let what happened at the end take away from that. I’m quite an emotional person and I think the friendship just took over for me and I just couldn’t do that to him without fully being convinced he was a traitor, I just would have found that really, really hard.”

What made it all worse was that Mollie wrote Harry’s name then panicked and rubbed it out, writing fellow Faithful Jaz’s name down instead – essentially losing the game right there and then and saying goodbye to a 50 per cent split of £95,150. Imagine having to watch that back. Harrowing.

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