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Um, Drag Race’s Naysha Lopez and James ‘King Tyra’ Ross are having messy Twitter beef

‘Get the help you need and leave me the f*ck alone’

It seems there’s nothing more that Drag Race queens love than deciding to have a little scrap on Twitter these days, and this time the spat is between All Stars 8 and season 9 queen Naysha Lopez and King Tyra, AKA James Ross, FKA Tyra Sanchez – the winner of Drag Race season two. The beef seems to have cropped up from nowhere if you don’t know the context, so here’s what’s gone down between Naysha Lopez and King Tyra as the two have a Drag Race feud on Twitter.

King Tyra James Ross tweeted Naysha directly


In a tweet posted last night, James ‘King Tyra’ Ross tweeted Naysha saying “I don’t watch this show anymore, but a little bird told me that hoe Naysha Lopez was eliminated for a third time. FAILURE. Karma. Always riding my dick worried about if I should be allowed to compete in a show I want nothing to do with and here you are a loser for the third time.”

Naysha responded with a clap back, saying “Girl I’m riding your dick? Yet here you are talking about me! Grow up and do better! FYI, failure? My calendar shows nothing of the sort. Go back to that ‘sold out’ tour of yours and leave me the fuck alone James, I’m not the one. I haven’t said anything about you!”

James replied with “Ooo you mad mad. My pronouns are He, Him, King. You started this. Keep my name our your mouth and we won’t have this problem. And boo boo. I’m the one. Don’t get touched.”

For context, a fan in the replies defending Naysha Lopez in the James ‘King Tyra’ Ross Drag Race Twitter drama explained that James is pressed Naysha mentioned his name during Roscoe’s Tavern viewing party – of which she is the host.

Naysha quoted James’ tweet also, saying “For someone who ‘doesn’t watch the show’ you sound obsessed, you said you didn’t want to be associated with the show and I respected that publicly but here you are spreading hate because booked you are not. Get the help you need and leave me the fuck alone, I’m not the one James.”