Ranking all the Love Island All Stars by how toxic they truly are

They can’t help themselves

Year after year, season after season, Love Island Islanders just can’t help but behave a bit toxic in that villa – and of course All Stars is no exception. You’d think they’d all learn their lesson from their first go of it, but sadly that’s not always the case. They always fall into bad habits – whether that be lying, lack of communication or just red flag behaviour – you can rest assured the Love Island All Stars are destined to be a bit toxic. With that in mind, here are all the Love Island All Stars cast ranked by how toxic they actually are.

15. Anton

My Anton. My wholesome little Anton. Not toxic even in the slightest. What a lovely, lovely man. Sees the best in everyone, a good communicator, romantic, caring, thoughtful – what more can be said? All men should try and be Antons.

14. Sophie

Despite an annoying voice that’s incredibly toxic to my eardrums, I will not hold this against her because I think we’re all in agreement that she can’t exactly help that. I have warmed a lot to Sophie because she wears her heart on her sleeve and whilst she’s a bit earnest and overly trusting, she’s certainly not toxic.


13. Callum

My king. My man. I am howling at the moon for his sexy ways, unfortunately. Not toxic at all and a great communicator but a bit more toxic than the other two because feel like he gets stressed out and savage without knowing when to just mic drop and call it a day.

12. Molly

Molly and Callum have really shown their emotional maturity over this season – and whilst I think Molly sometimes does let her emotions get the best of her I wouldn’t say she’s toxic. Although seems less willing to forgive for stuff than Callum does.

11. Joanna

Not a toxic girly. Got the ick with Chris and whilst it wasn’t the best she told Callum and started cracking on before actually telling Chris, she wasn’t afraid to have a hard chat to do the right thing.

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10. Arabella

Not a toxic girly. Got the ick with Chris and whilst it wasn’t the best she told Callum and started cracking on before actually telling Chris, she wasn’t afraid to have a hard chat to do the right thing.

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10. Arabella

Just winds me up a bit he’s phwoaring over twins rather than fancying untoxic, legendary icon Kaz Kamwi. Also allegedly a ghoster according to Georgia H, but then again I’d also be ghosting if someone told me they saw my dead grandad at a spiritual retreat.

8. Jess and Eve

Just putting the twins together because the only thing they talk about is being twins and if people can tell them apart. They’re obsessed, and also they play up to the whole “two sexy blonde twins” trope and it weirds me out a bit, sorry.

Love Island All Stars toxic

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7. Joe

Something quite sinister about Joe and I can’t put my finger on it. I think it’s just that toxic, posh boy ick. Not his fault I guess but I also can’t get past it so. That’s that.

6. Tom

Tom Clare is easily swayed. And that is what makes him toxic. One eyelash flutter from Gee Steel and it was game over. Get a grip, man.

5. Josh

How can you tell someone “I’ve found my wifey” and then go and flirt elsewhere? You’re either lovebombing or crazy, sorry. Not toxic all the time but feel like when it’s bad it’s bad.

4. Georgia H

Quite a funny sort of toxic in my opinion, because the spiritual stuff would just push me over the edge. I’m happy she’s happy with her belief system but you can’t tell a guy you like you’ve seen his dead grandad at a spiritual retreat. That is not okay I’m afraid!

3. Toby

I feel like Toby’s toxic ways differ from the rest of the Love Island All Stars because his just stem from a really immature vibe. He never seems to be being calculated or malicious, more just the worst communicator alive who has no regard for feelings and messes things up – hurting people in the process.

Love Island All stars toxic


2. Chris

I do think Chris means well but behind that eternal joker exterior, he sometimes snaps and becomes really spiteful and nasty and it’s just very uncomfortable. He needs to find a middle ground because from an outside perspective it looks like we all watch the mask slip.

1. Georgia Steel

I mean, I think at this point she’s taking the Love Island All Stars toxic crown with sheer pride. How can she not? Every episode her behaviour has been heckled as narcissistic, and she’s told so many lies that she’s got tangled up in it’s beyond belief. She’s messy and manipulative and is pretty much the benchmark in what not to do if you don’t want to be toxic on TV.

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