Drag Race is going back to 90 min episodes, but people online are skeptical as to why

It’s not happening for another month, when Real Friends of WeHo has ended…

With season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race moving to MTV, the 90 minute episodes we have come to know switched back to the one hour version (with ads, on streaming 60 or so mins vs 45)  thanks to the start of a controversial new structured reality show – The Real Friends of WeHo. This decision to shorten the episodes was widely criticised by fans and the season 15 queens competing, who boycotted Real Friends and started petitions to bring back the full length episodes. In an announcement yesterday, World of Wonder revealed that the show would be going back to the old length in a move that seemingly looks like it was happening to appease angry fans and disgruntled contestants. But is all as it seems?

As the tweet says, Drag Race season 15 will only be returning to 90 minute episodes on Friday March 10th – by the time the show is on episode 11. At this point, most queens will have sashayed away and the season will be in its final stretch. It is not yet clear whether the episodes before this are going to get an extended cut released onto streaming platforms, because it’s those episodes with many queens in that have suffered the most from the shorter edits, condensed runways and less time in the Werk Room to get to know the contestants.


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Kim K on TikTok, not Kim Kardashian – the other one, showed a TV schedule that proves that Real Friends of WeHo was always due to end its season on February 24th, so naturally is wondering like I was that was the plan always to bring back 90 minute episodes once the other show had ended? Bearing in mind also that before Friends of WeHo began, the first two episodes of Drag Race season 15 had 90 minute episodes?

Or did World of Wonder go back into the editing room and re-edit to meet the demand of an extremely unhappy fandom?

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