Saltburn trivia quiz

Only Oliver Quick himself could get full marks on this rock-hard Saltburn trivia quiz

See how well you remember everything that isn’t the bath scene

Saltburn, the sophomore film by Emerald Fennell, has over the festive period shifted in the culture from weird little film cinephiles were hyped for and divided on to a film the internet simply cannot shut up about it. For all Saltburn’s faults, and there are many, it’s a film that has endless talking points and now that it’s hit Amazon Prime and people can stream it without mooching to the cinema it’s become a behemoth in pop culture. Bath scene this, grave scene that – it’s all well and good obsessing over Jacob Elordi, but how well do you actually know Saltburn? This rock solid and throbbing trivia quiz will test you on how well you know Saltburn after all.

Do you know your Olivers from your Felixs and your Venetias from your Pamelas? How well were you paying attention to the mayhem and madness that went down in Saltburn before we saw Barry Keoghan dance around the gaff naked to the sweet, sweet sounds of Sophie Ellis Bextor? Make Duncan the butler proud: Take this Saltburn trivia quiz and see if you’ve got what it takes to get an invite to the party everyone’s talking about.

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