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Fortnite: How to tick off all this week’s challenges, earn trick points and eat Slap Berries

Any destroy objects challenge is a friend of mine

Fortnite Chapter 4 season 1 is well under way now, and if you’re anything like me you’ll have boxed the Battle Pass off and you’re now plodding through the bonus rewards to unlock all the super styles. Clearly the best way to do that is to smash off the weekly challenges when they arrive – so here’s your how to guide for completing all the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 week 12 challenges.

Consume Slap Berries in a single match (Five)

I mean, at this stage of the season I’d hope it’s quite self explanatory. Any grassy area of the map has Slap Berries on little bushes, just consume them when you see them. One bush contains four, so it shouldn’t take long – and you can eat them even with full shield, health and stamina.

Get three seconds of airtime in a land vehicle

Get yourself a dirt bike and trick off a cliffside and you’ll get this challenge completed easily. Bikes are quite random in their spawn rate but I personally always land at the garage in the upper half of Faulty Splits because there’s always one in the bays there.

Earn 500,000 trick points in a single match whilst riding a dirt bike

Probably best to do this combined with the last one. Drive off the biggest cliff and trick to your heart’s content, and keep tricking til you’ve totalled 500,000. It sounds a lot but you tot up trick points with big multipliers quite easily.

Emote for five seconds after claiming a capture point

This one’s going to be hotly contested due to the fact there’s always a fight over capture points, but land or rotate into any named location and stand in the circle whilst waiting for the flag to go up and then once it’s hit the top pull out your favourite emote. And hope and pray you don’t get sniped.

Destroy objects (Four stages)

Pro tip: Get a car, get a cow catcher and launch it on. Drive to somewhere with buildings or houses and smash your way through the entire ground floor until the whole building crumbles – I completed all four stages in about 40 seconds doing this.

Deal damage to opponents with assault rifle (Four stages)

Assault rifles are literally everywhere with three major different varieties in game (Burst, red eye, scar) – get one and main it for the duration of the length of time it takes you to get this final one of the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 week 12 challenges boxed off.

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