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Every time we stupidly missed the signs Diane and Ross are mum and son on The Traitors

Were we watching with our eyes closed or something?

Last week, The Traitors gagged us all into oblivion with the biggest twist in the show’s history. Whilst members of the cast theorised that Diane, the middle aged retired teacher every gay on earth instantly declared a gay icon, might be the mother of fellow ginger and Traitor Paul – she had a big reveal for the viewers that shut those theories up quick time. Paul isn’t her son – “But Ross is.” Three immortal words. The world came to a screeching halt. But were there hints along the way that the twist about Diane and Ross being mother and son on The Traitors was being dangled right in front of our eyes. Were we all just stupid?

Their first meeting gave it all away

We’re first introduced to Diane and Ross together. They’re sat facing opposite each other on the train to the castle. They’re interacting like strangers, so we’d have no clue – but Diane asks Ross why he applied for the show and he replies that his mum signed him up to it. Ahem. His mum, dear reader, IS DIANE.

The mug

At one point, Diane – who is a bit of a mother hen – is making everyone teas and coffees. When she hands one to Ross he pauses like he’s about to say something, but doesn’t. It’s obvious something’s, but we overlooked it. Idiots.

The telling off

In a scene where she’s chatting with Traitors and Faithfuls about how they’re behaving in the game, Diane scolds Ross for something and goes pretty hard considering she’s meant to have just met him. Overly comfortable and familiar, which of course makes sense considering the reality of their relationship.

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