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Trainline wrapped

Since we’re officially living in hell, here’s how you can find your Trainline ‘Wrapped’

Tell us how many trains got cancelled you cowards

I need brands and companies to realise urgently that not everything needs a Spotify Wrapped rip off. We simply don’t. I don’t want to see my Monzo Wrapped. I do not want to know that I’m in the top 0.05 per cent of JustEat users in this country. Leave me alone. I don’t want to see my Tesco Wrapped and have my meal deal eating habits on display for a humbling drag down back to earth. But LEAST of all, I don’t need a Trainline ‘Wrapped’ – the app that has caused me nothing but endless grief for the last 12 months. Nonetheless, they’ve given us one – here’s how you can find your Trainline ‘Year in Trains’, the cursed railway version of a Spotify Wrapped.

It’s hard to find in the Trainline app

I got a notification from the Trainline app yesterday telling me I could see my year in trains, but when I clicked on it it glitched (classic) and I couldn’t see anything. Brilliant. To find it, it’s actually kind of hidden. If you go onto your account tab at the bottom of the app and click the sustainability story thing at the top – something always there that you more than definitely ignore just to click other more important things – you will find it in there. You can then swipe to see stats.

The main page about you will tell you how many trips you made last year and how many miles. It will also tell you your fave station as per how many visits you made to it. I’m not too made at Manchester Piccadilly – at least that’s a fun goal. My mate got Wigan. I’d have to consider dignitas if that was me I fear.

Trainline, tell us how many trains got cancelled that you wouldn’t let us refund if you think you’re so big and clever.

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