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Big Brother Jordan

A Vogue feature and a boyfriend: Everything Jordan’s been up to since he won Big Brother

He’s never out of boujee hotels

Jordan Sangha is a busy man. Since he stole the nation’s hearts and had signs literally calling him the people’s princess, Jordan has had a huge life switch up from being a Scunthorpe lawyer to Diana comparisons and a complete vibe shift to boujee hotels and instant fame. One month on, here’s everything Jordan has been up to since he won Big Brother.

Firstly and most importantly: Jenry

Since they left the house, Jenry haven’t stopped drip feeding their ARMY of diehard fans about their budding relationship, that has now been officially sealed as boyfriends. They’re honestly thriving – loads of fun events, fancy meals and hotel stays. Clothes shopping, hanging with Yinrun – all the good stuff.

Jordan got a profile in British Vogue

Erm, yep. Crazy. Just a few days after he won Big Brother, Jordan got invited to Vogue House where he did an interview with them and talked about his style, his suits and his newfound fame. Does it actually get better than that?

He spoke about his love for fashion, and slayed when he went. “Jordan wore a textured animal print sweater, tailored black trousers, a black leather Gucci belt, grey leather brogues and a sleek black double-breasted trench coat for his visit to Hanover Square. He completed his look with Hollywood star-worthy black sunglasses, as well as a multi-coloured beaded necklace. .

“I’m not just saying this because I’m here, but I’ve always loved Vogue magazine,” he shared of what sparked his interest in fashion. “The September Issue is one of my favourite films – I’m a huge fan of Grace Coddington – so I’ve always been attracted to this world… Also, Ugly Betty was my gay awakening.””

He went on Saving Grace with Henry

Like all good stars of reality telly, Jordan and Henry went on GK Barry’s Saving Grace podcast, where they spoke in detail about their relationship and new life.

Soho House with Yinrun

Does life have any better pleasures? I’d move mountains to be a fly on that wall.

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