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Love Island Zach Molly split rumours

Love Island’s Zach has finally addressed all the rumours that him and Molly have split

‘She does my nut in’

The rumour mill has been well and truly milling over the last week in regards to Love Island 2023 finalists Molly Marsh and Zach Noble were on the cusp of a split and rumours were coming in from everywhere. Now, though, Zach and Molly have addressed the post Love Island split rumours head on.

Previously this week, Molly shared some heavy Adele lyrics from I Drink Wine to her Instagram story, sending the rumour mill spiralling they might be linked to a rift between her and Zachariah. Zach then cryptically shared a quote saying ‘My silence doesn’t mean I agree with you. It means your level of stupidity rendered me speechless.’ Very bizarre – no context for either.

Zach addressed it all straight up on his Instagram story, saying

“It’s come to my attention, yeah, that there have been some rumours going around – they’ve been circulating the internet – that me and Molly have recently split up,” Zach says in the clip.

“Look, let me just come out and say it, it’s true. We’ve broken up and it’s unfortunate to say the least,”

Ever the trickster, CLASSIC broski, Zach then pans the camera to reveal Molly chilling with him and giggling, hiding out the way of the camera. They’re still together guys – and having a laugh. It’s pretty wholesome, tbh.

Zach then jokes about saying that The Marsh “Does his nut in”. Look Zach, we’ve all seen the TikTok. God bless her, but she does all our nuts in.

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