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All the secrets, skins and features added to Fortnite in the huge new Attack on Titan update

Dirt bikes are BACK people!

Easter is officially over and done with, and Fortnite is back with the biggest update of the season so far – the much anticipated Attack on Titan update! Today also brings the day where the secret skin in the Battle Pass for the season, Eren Yaeger, and all his set becomes unlockable. But what else has Epic Games put in the huge update? Here’s all you need to know about the Fortnite Attack on Titan update and what it comes with!

Attack on Titan!

In the Item Shop are Levi and Mikasa, which we already knew were coming. They’re available in bundles and individually.

As well as the cosmetics, the update has added the much-teased mythics. The ODM gear and the Thunder Spears are in game now, and you can find them in Attack on Titan themed chests.

POI wise, you can find the secret landmark, the Yaeger family basement, in Anvil Square.

New weapons

As well as the new Attack on Titan mythics, Fortnite has finally added the Lock On Pistol, which is perfect for trying to shoot when grinding around Mega City.

This was teased in the launch trailer for the season, so everyone’s been dying for its release for a long time.

Also, the dirt bikes are finally unvaulted! Thank GOD, because the bikes this season were not cutting it and I need the satisfying feel of the dirt bike back in my life as a matter of urgency.

New skins

In these loading screens leaked by HYPEX, previews for upcoming skins can be seen – including one particular rainbow, oily girly who has been teased in the surveys for ages. We can also see two upcoming crew skins that were already teased in the last update, and a Renegade Raider remix.

The Panda Team Leader also has a panda-headless variant now too! Leaker Shiina has just uploaded a full YouTube video of all the cosmetics in the files for this update, you can see it here.

Um, surfboards are coming?

HYPEX has Tweeted that Epic are working on a surfboard vehicle that’s allegedly coming for the summer season – if this is the case, next season will be lit.

Hiss Clique!

A new quest pack is coming, and I’m obsessed with her. No, I need her. Right now


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