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Black Mirror’s Charlie Brooker has explained why Mazey Day wasn’t classed as Red Mirror

‘In an ideal world, you’d watch it once and then it would change’

Demon 79 in season six of Black Mirror was the first episode to open with a title card declaring the story a Red Mirror production, a new offshoot from Black Mirror that focussed more on the horror and the supernatural. However, the episode before – the truly terrible Mazey Day – featured a big twist that was the show’s first ever full foray into the world of supernatural and horror. However, there was no Red Mirror branding to be seen – even though that would surely suit Mazey Day more. Charlie Brooker has now explained why Mazey Day was Black Mirror categorised over Red Mirror.


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Speaking to Buzzfeed UK, Charlie Brooker explained “There are five episodes of which one is a Red Mirror, but actually two of them could be. I kept changing the titles on one of them, episode four, we’d made up some Red Mirror / Black Mirror type titles for it. I literally swapped them in and out about five times, I couldn’t decide and in the end I thought it was a spoiler and I’m going to keep it Black Mirror.

“I’m wondering if I can go back and change that at some point in the future. In an ideal world, you’d watch it once and then it would change when you went to watch it again so you’d think you’d gone mad. It’s effectively a sister label, a way of labelling the show is going to be different. Don’t expect it to pull out and reveal they’re all inside a computer.” Makes sense – I wondered after Mazey Day how it wasn’t Red Mirror, but it would be super cool if it got an extra Red Mirror screen in its Black Mirror title screen for rewatches.

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