ASOS credit card

All you need to know about the ASOS credit card, and why getting one is probs a bad idea

‘I can’t tell you how much of a bad deal this is’

Towards the end of 2023, ASOS launched a credit card. This is of course aimed at their customers, in an attempt to help them be able to make purchases when they want and not when they have the money readily available. But credit cards are complicated business to be meddling in – and with ASOS clearly aiming theirs towards their young people target audience, is a credit card really helpful or is this absolutely not a good idea? This TikToker goes into depth to explain why the new ASOS credit card “puts a bad taste in my mouth.”

TikTok creator @birthofamother explains “ASOS has been one of the few brands I used to shop at in my 20s that had a cult customer base that didn’t have a customer loyalty, credit card system like New Look and Next. They were one of the few brands where I could pay for it and go. There was PayPal, and then they brought in Klarna – but I’m begging you, if you are in your 20s or teens and you just got credit and you don’t know about finances I am just begging you not to get that credit card.

“I know in your head it might make a lot of sense because you might shop at ASOS frequently, but I can’t tell you how much of a bad deal this is. You’re gonna regret it.”


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The ASOS credit card gives people zero interest on purchases for the first three months, which is not just on ASOS purchases but when using it anywhere. This lets you pay nothing on top of anything you spend during the first three months. The interest rate after those three months is then 34.9 per cent.

“Interest rates are crazy at the moment, but there are other credit cards that will give you longer than three months. What is the benefit of having an ASOS credit card? Anywhere that you’re going to for your credit that is somewhere that isn’t directly a bank – make that make sense?”

If you do want to get a credit card with ASOS, just make sure you read all the fine print in detail of this collaboration between them and Capital One here.

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