A petty ranking of all 18 silly little stuff packs released for The Sims 4

My favourite way to waste eight quid x

You’ve paid for expansion packs, you’ve parted with game pack pennies – but The Sims 4 is not done with you yet. Want to buy a pint in London? Forget it! Save your eight or so pounds and splurge them on stuff packs – a silly little dose of Sims 4 goodness (or badness, tbh) that adds a little something something to your gaming experience. They’re a real mixed bag, but I did my best: All game packs from The Sims 4 ranked from worst to best.

18. My First Pet Stuff

Sims 4 stuff packs ranked

The bare faced cheek of this being an add on to an expansion pack you already have to pay 35 quid for is heinous beyond belief.

17. Fitness Stuff

Sims 4 stuff packs ranked

A few pairs of leggings and a climbing wall. Avoid.

16. Spooky Stuff

The fact this came out before Seasons is so… Okay? Like, who’s using this? The reverse My First Pet Stuff.

15. Perfect Patio Stuff

Sims 4 stuff packs ranked

Sims 4 stop releasing stuff packs of items like hot tubs that should have just been in the original game in the first place challenge! Deeply… annoying. The early days of stuff packs were dark times.

14. Luxury Party Stuff

Sims 4 stuff packs ranked

I love that this was the first EVER stuff pack for The Sims 4 – like, they thought what this game was urgently crying out for was fancy parties? Sure! I use a lot of the CAS for my Sims’ formal but I can’t get this ranked any higher amongst the other Sims 4 stuff packs alas.

13. Romantic Garden Stuff

Sims 4 stuff packs ranked

Honestly just the most inessential and pointless pack ever. Who’s arsed!

12. Cool Kitchen Stuff

Sims 4 stuff packs ranked

Some nice CAS in here which edges out this one on top of others below it, but pray tell what exactly is ‘cool’ about… an ice cream machine?

11. Backyard Stuff

Sims 4 stuff packs ranked

Yep good, but why the hell isn’t it in Seasons?

10. Toddler Stuff

This one is just not for me at all – but I’m happy for all my liccle avid bowlers who are at the lanes to their heart’s content!

8. Kids Room Stuff

Always good to have more stuff for kids and toddlers, especially to furnish with – in my opinion. Even though I tend to wish the days away til they age up.

7. Vintage Glamour Stuff

(Horrible) CAS that suits the brief, boujie build and buy objects that smash the aesthetic and butlers! Job done really. Worse ways to spend eight quid exist!

6. Moschino Stuff

Has no business being this good, to be honest. I like the career and the objects even if the whole brand collab feels a bit cashgrabby – don’t hate me! I just like fashion and vibes. I’m a simple gay.

5. Nifty Knitting Stuff

The top five ranked Sims 4 stuff packs are the ones that when push comes to shove are the truly great ones. These five all feel big, they feel like they bring so much good stuff to your game. In fifth is Nifty Knitting, which was a fan voted pack that is just cosy and wholesome – I love the activity and even though the vibe isn’t majorly my play style I think the pack was done with a lot of care and love. The little fake Etsy addition is a nice touch!

4. Laundry Day

I groaned when Laundry Day was announced, then gulped back in and swallowed my yawn when I realised it’s one of the best additions to The Sims 4 we’ve got. Laundry itself is good but a bit tiring and I can’t be arsed with it, but I love the CAS here and the vibe of all the pack. Just well made and a notable addition! Good on all fronts. What we like to see.

3. Movie Hangout Stuff

The girlies were boho-chicing it up like Fearne Cotton at Glasto in the 00s. I force my Sims to watch movies all the time, and I don’t know what I’d do without it. Also just cherish the build / buy items here, they’re amazing with City Living items.

2. Tiny Living Stuff

The clothes are having a Liberal Democrats off with each other and the space saving bed takes up the same amount of space as a normal bed from this pack, but do you know what? I love this silly little pack and its silly little content. All the vibes give Ikea and I find it really handy to use items from. I play with it a LOT. I love it.

1. Paranormal Stuff

Sims 4 stuff packs ranked

By FAR, Paranormal Stuff takes the top spot of this ranked list of Sims 4 packs with ease. So much content it feels like you’ve got a game pack by mistake, its spooky features are fun in their own right but even if you don’t want to bother with them all the decor and CAS is so versatile and cool you can use it anywhere. Absolutely knocked it out the park with this one, and BONEHILDA RETURNING!?!?! The icing on the Sims 4 cake.


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