Fortnite Captain Hypatia locations

Captain Hypatia’s landed in Fortnite! Here’s where her first seven quest locations are

The ponytail is a slay

This season of Fortnite has finally dropped its level up quest pack, and I for one am BUZZING to see it be one of the leaked survey skins that I’ve been waiting to release for ages, the intergalactic queen now known as Captain Hypatia. You get two styles with her, a grey one that’s kind of giving Zero Suit Samus vibes but with a Spacefarer Ariana Grande long ponytail and a red one with helmet on that for some reason amputates her legs and arms. It’s weird, but it’s cool. To level up and unlock cosmetics, you need to find seven tokens for the next four weeks. Here are all the Fortnite locations and quests for week one of Captain Hypatia level up tokens.

What are the weekly Captain Hypatia rewards for getting token locations?

Okay so week one, you get the backbling. Week two, you get the wrap. Week three you get the pickaxe and week four you get the helmet red style for the skin.

Token one: By the factory in Slappy Shores

There are some red rings by the back of the factory that go onto the grind rails.

Token two: On the grind rail

Right in front of token one.

Token three and four: Keep grinding

Continue grinding around the rail and you’ll approach the bridge that connects Slappy Shores over the river, three and four are just before the bridge.

Token five and six: Yellow rail

Make sure you’re grinding on the yellow rail and the path of the grinding rail will take you around to the right. Token five is on the corner of a building and six is just after it.

Token seven: Blue rail

Jump onto the blue rail after you’ve collected token six and then ride the route all the way to the end, where you’ll hit number seven.

That’s all the Fortnite Captain Hypatia locations for week one complete – you should unlock the backbling then.


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