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Spotify Daylist

How to find your Spotify Daylist to post on your Insta story like everyone else in your life

Mortified mine’s called me out for my cottagecore music taste

There’s a trend going around on Instagram stories right now begging you to share your Spotify Daylist and the summary that it gives you – with every person getting a unique vibe. Spotify Daylist launched at the end of September last year – so it isn’t brand new, but no one’s really been talking about it til this week. I’m an avid Spotify user and love all the new features, but this completely passed me by. So, with that in mind, here’s what a Spotify Daylist actually is and how you can find your own if you’ve got the worst FOMO about not being able to post on your Instagram story like the rest of the people in your life are doing.

Spotify Daylist changes and updates twice a day

Spotify launched its Daylist feature in September last year. The gimmick of this custom playlist is basically it gives you a curated listening vibe based on your usual listening habits at that time of the day. So if you search it on a Tuesday morning or afternoon, the Daylist will be the sort of music you normally are blasting at that time. It will give you a little name for it that will make you feel either very seen, very dragged or very confused.

An example of this is last night when I found mine to join in the Insta trend, I was declared as… this:

So basically, they told me on Monday nights I’m depressed. Brilliant.

In contrast though, as I’m writing this my spritely little Tuesday morning Daylist is clearly more adapted to my tendency to blast the upbeat pop girlies when working.

There’s nothing downbeat about how I’m A Slave 4 U by Britney Spears makes my hips shake Spotify, but go off I guess

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