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Love Island All Stars cast memes

The Love Island All Stars cast and the iconic memes they inspired

Georgia Harrison singlehandedly causing that Amber Davies meme… we must thank her

Sometimes Islanders are considered Love Island All Stars not purely for their romances they built up in the villa, but mostly because they’ve made some legendary impact on the internet. Love Islanders and memes go hand in hand, and as soon as one cohort leaves the villa they live in forever in reaction pictures and videos for whenever the next series rolls around and everyone’s tweeting along with the chaos. Here is the Love Island All Stars cast and the memes they inspired.

Georgia H – the Amber Davies face

This legendary meme was born out of Georgia Harrison’s shocking decision to couple up with Kem. It rocked the villa, especially rocking Amber who did THIS face in response.

Anton – The smile turning to dismay

The smile at the ground… I can’t.

Georgia Steel – I’m back boo!



♬ original sound – π’”π’π’‘π’‰π’Šπ’†

“Ma girls are ‘ere, old mem’rees are ‘ere” – a nice little viral TikTok moment for The Steel.

Toby and Kaz – Waiting to talk to mum meme

The mileage this has… Unparalleled. Love it so much. Context was Toby basically waiting to talk things through with Kaz who was gonna drag him.

Toby – Angrily doing weights

Toby – the new ‘it’s just a game’ clip

Tom – the infamous jacket throw

He was so pressed. So bothered. Trying to imagine a life where I’m riled up enough to launch my jacket like that.

Liberty – the girls’ reaction to Jake telling her he ‘loves her’


Liberty speaks to the girls after #jake tells liberty he loves her #loveisland #loveislanduk #libertypoole #loveisland2022 #winterloveisland loveisland2023@Liberty Poole @Love Island

♬ original sound – Love Island

A moment in history. No one was taking any of it

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