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The 10 best ever episodes of Gavin and Stacey, according to their rating on IMDb

Hugely disagree with number three

With the are they / aren’t they news, rumours and confusion surrounding whether Gavin and Stacey is actually coming back in 2024 for a new special – it’s had me nostalgically looking over all the episodes of the series and deciding and debating with myself which are the best. I know my ranking, but what’s the general consensus? Here is what user ratings on IMDb declare as the 10 best Gavin and Stacey episodes of all time. I was shocked writing this, you’re going to be shocked reading it. Some of the inclusions are crazy.

10. The one with Gavin and Stacey’s stag and hen parties (7.9)

I am naming the Gavin and Stacey episodes like Friends for ease, but this is series one episode five. So many good moments but a particular highlight is Nessa saying “that is LUSH” at the hen do, the stupid t-shirts for Gavin’s stag and the Achmed reveal in Barry.

9. The one with the engagement party in Billericay (8)

AKA one of the best fights on the whole show. Wow. Pam is on fire when Gavin and Stacey announce they’re getting married in Barry, and it’s no wonder it’s regarded as one of the best episodes because her one liners are insanely good. “Don’t worry about the honeymoon we’ll just go to Butlins!” Nessa and Smithy shag in the garden too. AKA, what gets her pregnant. This one’s from series one, episode three.

8. The one where Bryn goes clubbing (8)

“There’s no way you’re getting me out in Cardiff tonight!” “Well, I never thought you’d get me out in Cardiff tonight!”

7. Gavin and Stacey’s wedding (8.1)

The final of series one concludes with the Gavin and Stacey wedding – still one of the most moving episodes of the whole show. I literally can’t watch Bryn reading the letter from Stacey’s late father to her in the wedding car without bawling.

6. The beach day (8.1)

One of the last episodes of series three, the beach day in Barry is one of my all time personal favourites. Love the “of course you have to give it a special tap, that goes without saying” chat between Smithy and Nessa. But the best bit is Doris singing The Smiths at the BBQ. Icon.

5. Nessa goes into labour (8.3)

The series two final episode sees Nessa go into labour, just as Gavin and Stacey are thinking about splitting up. It’s the show with the most heart, again – you can’t watch this one without crying.

4. ‘Nessa’s pregnant – and Smithy’s the father’ (8.3)

Just a perfect episode really. Gavin and Stacey get back from their honeymoon and everyone goes for an Italian. Nessa is pregnant, and Smithy’s the father – and everyone finds out one by one as they go to the ladies room. Dawn and Pete are also present trying to have a threesome. It’s all just golden.

3. The 2019 Christmas special (8.3)

Shocked to see the inclusion of 2019’s Gavin and Stacey Christmas special amongst the best episodes on IMDb, because this episode is quite divisive. I remember thinking it was quite average when I first watched it, but it holds up better on repeat watches. What it lacks in hilarity it makes up for in having these characters you know and love back together after a decade away.

2. The main series final: Nessa’s wedding (8.5)

The big climax of the show sees Smithy interrupt the wedding of Nessa to Dave, and we all thank god he did because they weren’t meant to be. It’s a great final episode – but I don’t think I’d have it this high.

1. The Christmas special in 2008 (8.6)

Yep, IMDb ate with this – no Gavin and Stacey best episodes list is right without this in the top spot. Basically, if an episode has a big fight in Pam and Mick’s house with the whole cast in its a classic. This is just golden from start to finish ,so many funny moments and moving ones too. The big fight is obviously the highlight – I LOVE when Pam calls Nessa, Stacey and Gwen “the bitches of Eastwick”.

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