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Kevin James meme

The Kevin James meme explained: Where did this hands in pockets viral chaos come from?

I can’t escape his sheepish little face

Over the weekend, an old photo of Kevin James went inexplicably viral and now if your timeline is anything like mine all you will be seeing is the actor sheepishly perching on set with his hands in his pockets. The meme is Kevin James smirking smugly in what looks like a Getty Images promotional picture for a TV show – here’s where the meme actually originates from and why it’s suddenly spread.

Kevin James meme is from the set of The King of Queens

The picture is a promotional shot from old 90s sitcom The King of Queens, in which Kevin James played Doug Heffernan. According to Know Your Meme, the first usage of the meme was this.

The meme has then gone insanely viral, with everyone chipping in with their own take on the sheepish little Getty classic. My personal fave in this is the one referencing the viral picture of Taylor Swift tucking into her piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch.

My own contribution to this masterpiece of a meme thanks to Kevin James unforgettable facial expression and sheepish hands in pockets stance is an ode to my dogs.

They know exactly what’s coming if I reach for a poo bag. Who can blame them? The poor dogs just want a day out. This meme shows no signs of slowing down, so hope you aren’t sick of it yet. Might be a long autumn.

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