Apprentice finalist Rochelle’s company ‘owes £65k’ and has just £500 in the bank

Someone tell Lord Sugar she needs his investment ASAP

Rochelle Anthony became an instant icon of The Apprentice 2023 for me when she declared, straight up, “I’m always being compared to the Kim Kardashian of the business world because I’m doing business with a hint of glam” – made funnier still when you think what is billionaire businesswoman Kim Kardashian if not the Kim Kardashian of the business world? The Apprentice star’s claim might be a bit of a reach however – Rochelle Anthony’s business allegedly owes £65,000 and has total assets worth £500.

According to Companies House, Rochelle’s salon The Doll’s House has liabilities of £65,146 on its balance sheet, and £512 in assets.

After MailOnline reported on this, Rochelle made a statement to them regarding the numbers. “As many hairdressing salon owners will tell you the hairdressing industry was severely affected by the pandemic. I had to close my salon for nearly a year. My salon has not fully recovered from the pandemic and the new cost of living crisis presents another challenge.

“This is no secret! I have been very open and honest about this on my social media channels and it’s a big reason why I applied for The Apprentice. I hope to show that my belief in my dream is strong, and I won’t be deterred from achieving my ambitions.”

Despite the financial shortcomings of the business in its current state, Rochelle is still thriving on Instagram with lots of glam holidays, nights out, parties and vibes – and classes Apprentice alum Luisa Zuissman amongst her mates.

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