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Kim Kardashian American Horror Story reviews

Reviews for Kim Kardashian in American Horror Story say she’s ‘the only reason to watch’

Her performance is a ‘campy delight’ and she’s the best thing about the whole season!

American Horror Story: Delicate premiered last night, and despite the fact it was debuting amidst a minor controversy surrounding the behaviour of its star Emma Roberts, all eyes were on another – Kim Kardashian. The most famous celebrity on the planet was returning to acting with the biggest role of her career, and everyone whose anyone has been perched to see how she tackles a big acting role. Well, the first reviews for Kim Kardashian in American Horror Story are here – and they all unanimously sing her praises.

USA Today kick off the reviews by saying “Kim Kardashian is the only reason to watch the awful American Horror Story: Delicate” – not mincing their words with their simultaneous praise and slander. The praise is levied at Kim for leaning into her valley girl, vapid vibes that make her voice so famous and recognisable anyway. She delivers the campy dialogue with flair and fun, pulling off silly lines like “Oh honey, don’t cry. Your face cannot get puffy for Andy [Cohen]” and “You have a peculiar penchant for turning dreams into nightmares.” It’s also comedy gold that the least Irish looking woman I could ever think of is playing a character called Siobhan.

Deadline were more complimentary to Delicate as a whole, saying it was slick and stylish and a modern update to Rosemary’s Baby – the classic Polanski horror film this season is obviously riffing off. Deadline calls Kim “perfect for the part” and says she channels Kris. Slay.

Daily Beast bring attention to the fact that Kim K’s first line of dialogue is “Suck my clit,” which is actually iconic. DB also say she’s the best thing about the whole season.

All things considered, I’m dying to watch American Horror Story: Delicate – these reviews have got me more seated than ever, practically slobbering over the opportunity to see Kim Kardashian camping it up. There’s currently no way to watch in the UK, but presumably the show will be added to Disney+ like the rest – although might be some time til we see it there.

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