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Right, is Hogwarts Legacy going to get DLC in the future, or is the game complete?

Speaking Diagon Alley DLC into existence

Hogwarts Legacy is a massive game, but players are already wondering if there’s going to be any DLC released for the game. Most massive RPGs get some bonus content down the line added in for a 20 quid fee, and with the Wizarding World being so expansive and with so many locations to visit it seems natural that with how popular Hogwarts Legacy is so far and how many copies it’s expected to sell throughout the year that the developers would want to create some additional story and areas for players to explore. Here’s all you need to know about any upcoming DLC for Hogwarts Legacy.

Is Hogwarts Legacy set to get any DLC so far?

In a word, no. The developers at Avalanche have said there’s nothing in the pipeline yet, with the game designer Alan Tew saying “We’ve been really heads down bringing Hogwarts Legacy to life, so at the moment there are no current plans for DLC.” This feels fair but not particularly definitive – the game is massive and complete with no micro-transactions and with a world so expansive and detailed it’s going to keep players busy for a fair while.

What kind of DLC could be coming to Hogwarts Legacy?

The Wizarding World is massive, and whilst incredibly detailed and vast the only area we’ve seen explored so far is Hogwarts Castle, valley and the neighbouring village of Hogsmeade. The opportunities for DLC here are massive, so here are some avenues Avalanche could explore in the future.


One of the most obvious additions would be DLC centred on adding the biggest sport of the Wizarding World to the game. Players can ride around on brooms to their heart’s desire and even go to the pitch at Hogwarts Castle, but the game itself is absent.

Triwizard Tournament

The brutal competition between wizarding schools introduced in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire would be the perfect addition of DLC for all the game playing elements it would introduce – also just think how vibrant Hogwarts would feel if once a calendar year in game a load of students from around the world in different uniforms were casting spells and mischief through its halls!

Diagon Alley

Not being able to run around the wizarding street of London feels like a big absence, and being able to get the train to London in a big DLC and explore Diagon and Knockturn Alley.


I’m literally just brain showering ideas here, but imagine a DLC where your character gets falsely (or justly) imprisoned in Azkaban and you have to escape? I don’t know, I’m not a game developer – but in my opinion it seems like there are so many avenues to explore that would make sense for players who want to invest in Hogwarts Legacy long term and for Avalanche to keep the game profitable.

Hogwarts Legacy has been controversial and has garnered criticism regarding transphobic remarks from franchise creator JK Rowling since 2020. Avalanche, the developers of the game, have said she is not involved at all – but it is likely since she owns the IP rights to the franchise that she will profit from the sales.

To learn more about transgender rights or lend your support, please check out the charity Mermaids in the UK.

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