Here’s where the ‘There will come a soldier’ song all over TikTok is actually from

I feel like I get nerdier every time I hear it

If you’re TikTok For You Page is anything like the cursed landscape that I’m proud to call my own, your FYP will be currently plagued with a nerdy little song that goes “There will come a soldier, who carries a mighty sword – he will tear you city down, oh lei, oh lai, oh Lord.” The sound usually accompanies something cringe beyond belief, but with a sound so inescapable you may, like I did, wonder the origins of the song before it haunted your TikTok For You Page like a vengeful spook. Here’s where the “There will come a soldier” TikTok sound song is actually from!

Soldier, Poet, King

The song is by The Oh Hellos, and its lyrics are based on the writings of CS Lewis. Despite the medieval Dungeons and Dragons theme TikTok uses this sound for, it’s actually a religious song about the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The song also formed the basis for the soldier, poet or king quiz that went viral on TikTok earlier this year. But the song has a life of its own and is often found separate to the quiz – although a lot of people use it to declare what they got in the quiz and cosplay as a soldier, a poet or king.

The song is pure nonsense as far as I’m concerned, but admittedly it’s a bit of an ear worm. Hits harder if you’ve watched Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Amongst Thieves.

You can find the soldier, poet or king quiz here.

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