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A comprehensive history of Mitch and all his Love Island messiness

The world hasn’t even known Messy Mitch for a year and he’s had this much beef

As sure as the sun will rise and fall, Mitch from Love Island All Stars is going to be messy. He did not earn the title Messy Mitch for nothing, you know. No smoke without fire and all that. Mitchel Taylor barged back into the villa and had damage control to do. To redeem his image and his reputation as someone who shit stirs, causes heartbreak and woe and just generally fucks things up for himself to put it bluntly. But redeem his image Mitch has not – the messy man is once again leaving destruction in his wake on Love Island All Stars and things are only getting worse. Sit comfortably: The mess is about to leave carnage everywhere.

Messy Mitch is born (Love Island 2023)


Mitch started the show coupled up with Molly before she dumped him for Zach – low-key the Messy Mitch origin story. He then recoupled briefly with Leah and then Jess in a ‘friendship couple’ (although he tried to pursue it romantically and got knocked back. He got with Abi at Casa and then left her for Ella B causing much chaos and friction. He argued with Zach and Tyrique in the villa and got told off by the lads for his shit stirring and caused nothing but dismay with the various girl pursuits he followed.

A short relationship with Ella B that quickly ended

Since leaving the villa, Ella B and Mitch were together for exactly a month before splitting – shocking not a soul on this earth.

On the split, Mitch said on Instagram “Morning everyone. As you have most likely seen Ella’s post sadly our relationship has come to an end. We had no intentions of ending, but with our busy lives at this moment and living the other side of the country made it extremely hard for it to work.

“I wish Ella nothing but the best as she is a lovely girl and deserves the world.”

A random fake reunion with Abi


Its getting messy.. @MessyMitch

♬ original sound – kardashianshulu

Towards the end of September last year, Abi and Mitch were posting on socials and had people thinking they were getting back together. They weren’t, and it was… MESSY.

Mitch has to apologise after he’s put on blast by an influencer for his behaviour at an event

In his worst drama by miles, Mitch is forced to put out an apology video after an influencer called him out on Twitter / X. In a now deleted apology video posted on TikTok pre Love Island All Stars, Mitch said “Over the weekend there were a lot of allegations against me and Zach. I do want to start off by apologising to Zach because these accusations have nothing to do with him. He’s just been dragged into it. They are solely about me. I want to talk about each one individually and put it to bed and have my side.

“The first accusation I want to talk about are the words ‘we are the most famous people in here’. That is true, I said that to Zach as a bit of banter but it’s been taken the wrong way. I can admit it wasn’t that funny but I was trying to have a bit of a laugh.

“The next accusation would be me throwing money at a homeless person money. It’s been twisted into an evil act, and it’s not true I was trying to do a kind gesture.

“I will admit when I was at this event I was quite happy and loud, it’s a completely different world for me. I’ve gone from fitting boilers to going to some fancy event. It can come across as unprofessional and I understand that. Whoever was at the event and saw me there acting like that, I do apologise.

“This is probably the biggest accusation out of them all, about being homophobic. I spoke to an influencer at the event and my words were ‘I fancied you when you were straight.’ I can see how that can come across. I’m really bad with my words sometimes. I was nervous to meet this person because I am a fan of them. I do apologise. I was trying to be respectful to that person but obviously I got it completely wrong.

“I apologise that the statements took so long to be put across, I had to take some time off social media over the weekend. The amount of hate and death threats I was getting I just couldn’t deal with it. I just want to end it on hopefully that’s cleared things up. I’m not homophobic and never have been – I’m just bad with my words sometimes, and I hope you can understand.”

Mitch gets dropped by his management

Just after the event, a report from the MailOnline claimed Mitch was dropped by his management following the backlash and the apology he had to do.

A source told MailOnline: “He’s [Taylor] put up a video because he’s had a lot of flak this week. His management have parted ways with him. He’s only been out of the villa two months and they can’t put up with it.”

He’s been on All Stars two weeks and has caused two big dramas

Before we go into the current sagas of Messy Mitch, might I just remind you that everything previous leading up to his Love Island All Stars appearance has taken place within the space of less than a year. These are more dramas than most have in five years!

Anyway, he’s been back on Love Island for a WEEK and he’s already been accused of being a shit stirrer and caused Luis to shout LOUDLY at him, and now has upset Liberty after it came out he’s told multiple girls in the villa they’re his “number one”. What started as a return to the show to rebuild the Messy Mitch image has resulted in … More mess.

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