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MAFS UK 2023 cast Instagram followers

Ranking the MAFS UK 2023 cast by who has the most followers on Instagram

How the hell is Brad in the top five?

The MAFS UK cast of 2023 have not stayed quiet on Instagram this year, that’s for sure – and their followers have increased like crazy because of it. It’s worth flocking to their Instagram stories after every episode to see what tea they’ve put on their stories or grids, it’s been as dramatic as the show itself. With that in mind, which of the MAFS UK cast of 2023 has the most Instagram followers? I ranked the cast from least to most Instagram followers as we hit the final stretch.

24. Sean – 5,984 followers

Poor Sean is ranked last when it comes to which MAFS UK 2023 cast has the most Instagram followers. Such is the burden of being the last to join the party I guess!

23. Mark – 10.3k

Like Sean, Mark suffers the brunt of being the final couple in the experiment. He’s hit 10k, though – so that’s something.

22. Porscha – 20.1k

Look, this low amount tells me that when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. And when you leave first, you get the shit end of the stick.

21. Jordan – 31.2k

I mean, this picture alone just gained him a new follow from everyone who reads this article. Not to lower the tone or anything but how can anyone resist that chest?

20. Terence – 38.4k

I’m sorry this post and picture is so iconic. Love him. Heart of gold.

19. JJ

A post shared by Thomas Kriaras (@thomaskriaras)

Paul doesn’t strike me as a big Instagram user but here we are. More of this content we beg!

17. Adrienne – 48.7k

Not too bad for a newcomer! Her Insta is as gorgeous as she is, tbh – a lot about her impressive body transformation journey.

16. Erica – 52.2k 

We need queen Erica in the top 10 most followed. ASAP.

15. Arthur – 57.6k

The Poremba is always slaying on Instagram. Plays a lot of tennis. A lot of gym pics. I cherish him and Laura and I need more couple pics. I need them to be together.

14. Georges – 60.8k 

Peggy having more followers than our French Berty is hell on earth and unjust. Get my man into that top 10 most followed as a matter of urgency. Right these wrongs.

13. Nathanial – 63k

Not quite in the top 10 for Nathanial.

12. Tasha – 64.8k

Tasha’s way over 50k Instagram followers now. I think anyone over 50k now will deffo get to 100k as the show ends.

11. Laura – 69.3k

Beauty! Grace! Elegance! Chelsea girl lifestyle! Instagram of dreams! Robbed of a top 10 spot here. Love her.

10. Bianca – 71k

See what happens when you’re a queen of the highest order? One of the last in, one of the first out and yet still is one of the top 10 most followed when it comes to MAFS UK cast Instagram followers for 2023. Legendary behaviour. Impossible not to say mother.

9. Matt – 73.1k

He’s really fit and that, but I’ve truly no clue how he’s managed this? No shade to Matt but… what?

8. Thomas – 76.6k

You know what, what a lovely fella. I wish him all the best.

7. Peggy – 84.2k

I’m sorry but how the hell has this happened?!

6. Rozz – 86.6k

Actually the nation’s sweetheart at this point.

5. Shona – 87k 

A queen to kick off the top five but it’s disgusting me that someone ELSE places higher than her.

4. Brad – 98.5k

This is beyond belief. Dismantle the patriarchy now.

3. Jay – 108k

Queen Jay kicking off the top three of all the MAFS UK 2023 cast when it comes to Instagram followers. So sad how she had to leave the show last night, won’t feel the same without her iconic northern vocals.

2. Luke – 123k

Get Professor Punch down this ranking! To be fair, he’s always causing chaos on his Instagram so maybe everyone followed to watch what he’s going to say next.

1. Ella – 128k

Queen in her rightful place. Where she belongs.

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