All seven levels in The Simpsons: Hit and Run, ranked from life-ruining to legendary

Lisa’s level is my safe space

Ahh, The Simpsons: Hit & Run – the thinking man’s Grand Theft Auto. For many in my generation and below, The Simpsons: Hit & Run is the pinnacle of licensed games. It takes the gameplay mechanics you know and love from the likes of GTA and fashions it into a fun for all ages, semi open world adventure game in the rich world of The Simpsons and Springfield. But you knew that. You’re reading this because, like me, you long for the day we get a Hit & Run remaster that lets us relive our childhood driving through Springfield and kicking Milhouse into the river. But until that day, your nostalgia will have to live through me getting all seven levels of The Simpsons Hit & Run ranked from worst to best instead.

7. Level seven

In last is the final level in the game, level seven. Despite loving the plot and the idea of a zombie apocalypse ridden, spooky Springfield full of great horror references – it just doesn’t slap for me. The missions are the least fun and all feature the same kind of gameplay and I think it’s kind of unforgivable that the map was halved to make it easier for the design team repurposing the theme. I don’t want the final level of the game to be the worst map, and the horror theme gets old after a bit. The final level is life ruining and I can’t support that.

6. Level five

This level just isn’t it for me. No major shakeups from the first time we go to this map, unexciting levels and playing at Apu instead of one of the Simpsons just doesn’t hit. I like his car, though.

5. Level one

It hurts my heart to put level one so mid  – it’s arguably the most nostalgic level for any player. Remembering we were all barely out of primary school when playing this, I reckon there are a huge number of nostalgic players who never got further than it. Driving through Springfield is an instant delight and there are so many good landmarks here to pop in to, like the school and Kwik-E-Mart. I can’t in good faith put it any higher because it acts more as a demo intro to the game and the ones higher are more ambitious, have better cars and the levels from a gameplay and storyline perspective are just superior. Except five and seven – which I will gladly drag to hell and let nostalgia win.

4. Level two

What level two has going for it is Bart’s charm, and arguably the most complex map in the game in terms of ambition. It’s easy to get lost in downtown Springfield in ways it isn’t in the other two maps. The missions here are fun – like a level up from the demo vibes of level one but without any impactful storyline missions because the plot of the game doesn’t really kick in until the very final cutscene of level two. Pros, cons – and the correct middle choice for Simpsons Hit and Run levels ranked.

3. Level six

Simpsons Hit and Run levels ranked

The superior Bart level returns to the BEST map in the game, and has a load of fun missions that make it one you want to replay over and over again. Shout out to Bart’s car in this game – arguably the best in Hit and Run and one that’s just a pleasure to complete tasks in. I don’t like the night setting as much as Lisa’s dusk, though.

2. Level four

Simpsons Hit and Run levels ranked

Anyone who thought the Marge level would be a lowkey affair was wrong – plot wise, it’s the most important in the game. Marge uncovers the truth! She has the best missions! The Canyonero car bounces her all over Springfield doing so, but who cares – she looks iconic. I also love that even though this is the first time we revisit a map, new areas are opened and you can run around Mr Burns’ mansion to your heart’s content. You can go in Bart’s bedroom too. It’s just the little things that make it feel like you’re progressing. You also get to wear Marge’s iconic pink Chanel suit, so how can you argue with that?

1. Level three

Simpsons Hit and Run levels ranked

One word: Wow. Bury me here, guys. Lisa zooms into this beautiful level with her Malibu Stacy car and I love every bit of it. I see fans give this one hate online for some reason but I will not be engaging. Squidport is the most beautiful area of Springfield, and the sun setting just gives it that oomph. I also adore the plot line having the theme of hunting down Bart – gives the level a real sense of oomph and motive that other ones lack. Peak of the game.

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