These 21 memes about last night’s The Apprentice are more savage than the interviews

‘My friends call me Karren’

The Apprentice 2023 has been a bit flop on the memes front this season – but don’t worry, interviews week is here to bail us all right out of the shit. It can’t save this season from being lacklustre, but it can provide us with some light relief after watching five women reduced to tears or very close to weeps for a solid hour. Interviews week is mean spirited and sometimes it feels like literally what even is the point of the candidates even speaking or trying… We’ll just let the memes speak for them instead. Here are the best memes and tweets about The Apprentice 2023 interviews week.

1. At this rate they might as well start speaking before the candidates come in

2. Yeah she was just being evil

3. This tweet is like clockwork

4. We weep for what we’ve lost

5. She was trying too hard soz

6. One of the worst things I’ve seen in my life

7. She picks and chooses

8. Poor Dani hahaha


10. Very very arsh

11. Yes that’s one word for it

12. Was like toilet paper to Linda

13. Pack this in

14. Justice for Simba!

15. The gatekeeping days

16. No no no EXACTLY

17. She was so anti mermaids omg

18. She was so real for that

19. The definition of ‘smile and wave boys’


21. She’s sooo evil

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