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Right, who the hell is Katie from Goat Story and why’s she taken over Twitter?

She’s an icon, she’s a legend and she is the moment

Every week, it seems another queen takes Twitter’s crown. This weekend was the turn of a big breasted medieval icon, who has captured the hearts of many as she gets carted off for execution or storms about the fields of her animated world. Her name? Katie from Goat Story – and with that comes more questions, who actually is she and how did she conquer Twitter? How long will the gays be obsessed with her? Here’s all you need to know about her rapid rise to viral superstardom.

Who is Katie from Goat Story?

The clips of Katie that have gone viral on Twitter come from a Czech film called Goat Story – The Old Prague Legends. The film is about a villager called Jemmy who comes to Prague from the countryside with his goat to help build the Charles Bridge and the Prague Astronomical Clock. When Jemmy gets there, he sees Katie – who he instantly falls in love with. Towards the end of the film, Katie is threatened with execution unless Jemmy fixes the clock in time. He does so, but he’s too late and Katie has already been hung at the gallows. I’m aghast. Is.. this film for children?

Anyway, the twist is that Jemmy’s goat disguised itself as Katie and got hung in her place, but she had an iron tube down her throat so managed to survive the hanging? A happy ending for all involved – but a completely weird one.

Erm, why is Katie from Goat Story all over Twitter?

She’s become flavour of the month because she’s high, big boobed camp darlin’! Katie is the latest trend in reaction videos, and you can see her all over Twitter from the video where she’s being carted off with a bag on her head to be executed or the video where she’s running through a castle naked with a duvet around her.


And yep, there’s fancams! To the tune of America Has a Problem no less.

Is this a film for children?

It’s all a bit weird, but we have to stan I fear.


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