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Zachariah has made a statement on allegations he and Mitch were ‘homophobic’ at event

‘I’m embarrassed to have to address it and never imagined I’d be writing this’

Zachariah Noble has released a statement after he and fellow Love Island 2023 Islander Mitch Taylor were accused of being ‘homophobic’ and exhibiting ‘disgusting behaviour’ at the Space NK influencer event launch this last week.

An influencer who was there called the two Islanders “vile pieces of work” and said they ruined the experience of the night for her. She claimed the men weren’t even invited to the event, but just turned up.

“I’m embarrassed for them,” she said in a video explaining what happened, before saying they said they were the “most famous people here” despite being in a room made up of famous actors, presenters, models and TV figures. “They were bowling around going ‘we’re the most famous people here’ which is embarrassing,” she added

The influencer also claimed one of the men “threw” money at a homeless man outside the event, who then had to pick it up off the floor. She said the two men then “proceeded to be extremely homophobic” back inside the event, at which point she claims the brand hosting kicked them out. She said the brand had become aware of what happened with the homeless man too, and “took zero tolerance and they were kicked out.”

Mitch has posted an apology video where he takes all the blame and addresses the allegations, and says Zachariah had nothing to do with it. Zachariah has now released his own statement, breaking the silence on the ‘homophobic’ behaviours he and his Love Island alum were accused of.

“Hey guys, what a long week it’s been. I’m embarrassed to have to address this and never imagined I’d be here writing this. Over the past few days, I’ve received a number of hateful messages regarding accusations from last week that are currently circulating on the internet. So I would like to address this from my side and give clarity that the narrative circulating about me is 100% untrue.

“Never in my life have I been homophobic and any insinuation of this is extremely wrong and hurtful. I am truly saddened to hear that someone was upset that evening but this had nothing to do with me. I wasn’t even present at the time of this incident/misunderstanding. We live in a society where everyone wants to consider mental health & look out for one another, yet there’s still some people online who have clearly forgotten how impactful their words can be and just jump on bandwagons.

“Everyone is so quick to judge and believe anything they hear and read. Even if it’s untrue. We really need to realise how powerful words can be and find out the real facts before coming at people, especially people with high platforms as it’s these people who have pushed this false narrative onto my name.

“This is all I have to say on the matter and I hope it brings you lot closure.”

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