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Miley Cyrus through the years

From Disney diva to queen of the Grammys: Miley Cyrus’ transformation through the years

She literally raised us

Not many celebs feel like they’ve been our actual friend throughout our whole lives than Miley Cyrus. Even when other Disney girlies never quite felt like it, Miley always feels like home. She’s always come across so down to earth and well meaning, and even when the media tried to paint her as troubled she was always unapologetically herself. We first got Miley Cyrus on our screens nearly 20 years ago, and with her recent Grammy win feeling like a euphoric completion of the rise from Disney child star to truly respected music great – here’s Miley’s transformation through the years.

Hannah Montana episode one (2006)

In 2006, we first met Miley Stewart – and ergo, met Miley Cyrus. Miley bagged the lead role in Disney’s Hannah Montana and the rest was history. She was catapulted to fame aged just 13.

As Hannah Montana

Miley’s character had a second identity, but in many ways so did she. The blonde wig Hannah Montana era is almost as recognisable as Miley is without it!

The Climb (2009)

The Climb was pivotal in Miley Cyrus really having mainstream crossover into adult contemporary – not just Disney starlet. Whilst it came from the Hannah Montana movie, it showed a more grown-up side to Miley and showcased her songwriting and inimitable vocals. It was the start of the true growing up of Miley Cyrus.

She can’t be tamed (2010)

Miley’s first reinvention was an era full of controversy but it’s what made her a bonafide popstar. Hannah Montana was flopping and these more adult songs were banging. She was becoming a woman and an icon with it. Conservatives hated her, good times.

The world stopped: 2013

I literally remember where I was in 2013 when a friend of mine went, erm, have you seen the new Miley Cyrus video? I had not seen the new Miley Cyrus video – and I watched the We Can’t Stop video literally jaw on the ground. I was gagged. This haircut changed the world.

Dead Petz (2016)

Miley Cyrus through the years

Miley Cyrus through the years

Miley Cyrus, like most pop girlies in 2017, went back to her southern Americana roots for a country inspired album and a ‘wholesome’ rebrand. Lead single Malibu was amazing, but this whole era felt a bit half baked and didn’t feel like the real Miley we’d grown to love for her quirks.

Mother’s Daughter

I’ll say it: Of all the Miley Cyrus vibes through the years, it’s this 2019 She Is Coming era that truly hits hard for me. I love this song, I love this hair, love it all. Queen.

Black Mirror – introducing Ashley O

Miley Cyrus through the years

A shit episode, let’s face it. But Miley Cyrus was so iconic as Ashley O Netflix had to release On A Roll on streaming. Her power.

Plastic Hearts: THE MULLET

Erm, we have to wow. Miley Cyrus saved us all during the pandemic with one of her most striking looks through the years – her mullet. Plastic Hearts is her best album to date and she just killed the 80s glam rock swagger of it all.

I can buy myself flowers…

Flowers is Miley’s biggest hit ever – and with her Endless Summer Vacation era it felt like she managed to blend all her eras into one and had huge mainstream success because of it.

‘I just won my first Grammy!’

And here we are: A Grammy winner. And looking like a SUPERSTAR whilst doing so. We have to bow down.

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