Love Island Casa Amor 2023 memes

Just 26 Love Island memes that prove this year’s Casa Amor is pure evil

Catherine don’t do this to us!!!

Love Island 2023 has against all odds been one of the best seasons in the show’s history, and all eyes were on Casa Amor to match the carnage we’ve had so far all season. But what we’ve got so far has resulted in the usual big mid season twist going off with barely a whimper, let alone a bang. Everyone’s in agreement: The Casa Amore for Love Island 2023 is going down like a lead balloon – but hey, at least the memes and tweets are funny. Despite Elon’s best efforts to keep us from making that so. Here are the best memes so far from Love Island Casa Amor 2023.

1. What’s the game plan here darlin’?

2. Bring on the flames!

3. No one wants to be the Casa Cornish

4. Where did this come from may I ask?

5. What is going on?

6. We all know who’s to blame!

— lewys (@lookingforlewys) July 3, 2023

— SP🇸🇱 (@septimusajprime) July 3, 2023

8. And she’ll never be forgiven

9. She’s so main character

10. Had a bellyful personally

11. Feel like pure shit just want this back

12. He is another level

13. I support this in every way a man can

14. I’m holding out hope

15. Whitney is just too iconic

16. No but why is he so corny???

17. I have to stan Whitney Island


19. Me today

20. She needs some peace

21. And they deserve a payrise

22. Hallelujah!

23. Don’t get it never will 

24. How did we get here?

25. Wild tbh

26. I endorse this

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