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All 16 talent show performances from Drag Race season 15, ranked from flop to jaw drop

‘You better walk that f*cking duck’

I know we laugh about Drag Race fatigue, too much Drag Race, etc, etc – but if there’s ever been any proof that this show still has the ability to be jaw-on-the-floor great, then look no further than the big double two part opener of season 15 and its monster talent show. Everything about this season feels big – from the huge cast of 16 queens to the eye watering $200,000 prize fund. The talent show was an absolute riot – and I’ve ranked all 16 of the performances from the queens of season 15, from the flop to the jaw drop.

16. Irene Dubois

Oh, Irene. I honestly thought this icon was gonna be a top four contender, but then she popped out on stage and poured a glass of water for her talent show act. To quote a tucked oracle, “Where are the jokes?”

15. Loosey DaLuca

Loosey’s live singing just didn’t hit – and I feel sorry for her, because you could tell she actually has pipes. And if you couldn’t tell, Loosey left this here to remind you:

14. Aura Mayari

A lot of confidence was coming off Aura all episode, and you know, werk! But choosing to dance and perform to a big BLACKPINK song is a bold choice and I just feel like it really never took off or went anywhere truly jaw dropping.

13. Amethyst

I get that Amethyst’s shtick got old fast and she was in the dreaded trainers on the stage, but I DO think there was something funny and cute about the set up! Just a shame she didn’t execute it a little bit better.

12. Sugar

— 💤 (@zapadapabapa) January 7, 2023

Sugar had the unfortunate luck of going after her twin, who did a similar act but better. And first.

11. Malaysia Babydoll Foxx

I feel a bit sorry for Malaysia, because she does a good job but just got outshone by other people doing similar talents in more memorable ways. This is solid, though.

10. Robin Fierce

A solidly good lip-sync number that saw Robin dance well and hit every beat. Not the most original but a job well done, and she looked so gorgeous in the purple.

9. Princess Poppy

PP had a good original concept and original song, that was kind of like quirky stuff we’ve seen on Drag Race talent show performances before but with a season 15 twist – ranked in the lower half just because she got out laughed by others, to be honest.

8. Spice

Genuinely has no business being this likeable, charming and silly. Why is this song a bop? Help.

7. Salina EsTitties

Not gagging over the look, gotta say – but this one was a pleasant surprise! One of the better original songs in the original songs talent show of 2023. Slaps, and she sold the hell out of it.

6. Sasha Colby


5. Mistress Isabelle Brooks

If she punched me in the face after this I would thank her, and give her $200,000.

4. Luxx Noir London

Amazing vocals, sickening look, great dancing performance. Simple but stunning. Nailed it.

3. Jax

She… She skipped with her HAIR? She used her PLAITS to SKIP? This is high drag, mama.

2. Marcia Marcia Marcia

The Willow Pill moment of the year – so fun and so talented. I love that she managed to merge serious ballet talent with the so unserious comedy of the Ross Mathews crush. I literally laughed out loud.

1. Anetra

Honestly, I will never recover from this. My jaw has been scraping on the ground since Saturday. The “walk that fucking duck” laughs alone could have secured Anetra the win, but then she goes full Buffy with taekwondo chops and kicks? It’s just perfect. How did she know she wasn’t going to kick the Pit Crew fella in the face? I need to know. I’ve watched it 100 times.

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