Just a bunch of things you definitely had no idea you could do in The Sims 4

How did I forget you can send bees to attack Sims you hate?

The Sims 4 is a giant game with a never-ending horde of expansion packs, game packs and kits – it’s easy to get overwhelmed with what to do and things you even can do. With each pack comes updates both big and small, and eventually you fall into the same old routine of family gameplay forgetting the finer details. Here’s a roundup of hidden things and features in The Sims 4 you definitely had no idea even existed – or have long forgotten about. Thank us later.

Dog doors

Sims 4 Cats and Dogs expansion pack came with, well, you guessed it. But in Build and Buy exist some doors for the doggies to run through – a forgotten little addition I literally never see when playing the game.

The smart speaker

The fake Alexa in The Sims 4 is actually something you can build up relationship with when talking to it. When you get a high relationship skill with the speaker it autonomously does favours for you, such as hiring a maid if your house becomes really dirty. Need one for myself URGENTLY. The speaker came with a free update, so you don’t even need to buy a pack for this.

You can watch space launches on the computer

If your Sim blasts off in a rocket from their home lot, another family member can tune in on the laptop and watch the launch.

You can make packed lunches for kids to go to school with

Stressed and running hectic before the school bus comes? Didn’t have time to serve family meal for breakfast? You can send kids to school with a packed lunch and they eat it if they’re hungry enough so no worries about them being in a bad mood and not progressing grades.

On Love Day, you can break up couples

If you have seasons, you can send a ‘fake breakup letter’ to a couple in the game on Love Day and it will break them up. Savage.

Bees can do things for you

Your Sims can befriend bees and send them off to do things for you, if the relationship with them is high enough. You can make them attack people – if you’re feeling evil.

If you’ve got multiple toddlers, they can watch and learn

If you’re potty training a toddler and have a toddler sibling, they can watch one go to potty and learn without having to use it!

You can cheat Sims to be abducted by aliens and they can come back pregnant

Alien pregnancy era – because why not? The baby comes out alien and you can send it back to its home planet, which is savage but fair after the probing abuse your Sim endured to get pregnant.

The fire alarm you never use is a sprinkler system?

We all use the little one, let’s not lie – but if you use the big one then a sprinkler appears over the fire in your house and puts it out? My Sims are dying constantly so this is game-changing for me.

Five outfits for every category

I was talking to a mate who didn’t know you could do this and I couldn’t believe it, because I use it every game without fail – but you can add up to five outfits for every category in CAS.

Stay tuned for more hidden things in The Sims 4 – when I remember them, that is.


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