A nosy peek inside the LinkedIn profiles of The Apprentice 2023 candidates

Highlights include Joe calling The Apprentice a ‘business documentary’

Considering they’re all the finest minds the business world has to offer (cough, cough), if you’re watching this season of The Apprentice 2023 I’m sure you’re curious as to what you may find on the candidates’ LinkedIn profiles. Well wonder no more – here’s your nosy little peek into the corporate world of the LinkedIn profiles of The Apprentice candidates for the good year of 2023. You’re welcome.

Avi Sharma

Avi’s LinkedIn is quite well behaved, but one click to his website is where the ridiculous starts. This is from his professional about me page linked from his LinkedIn. Brace yourself.

“My first real business was selling sweets, polo shirts, and FIFA 13 Ultimate Team coins on the school playground. I got into trouble, but don’t blame me; blame the teachers for not having a sweet tooth.

“Studied economics at the University of Nottingham but mainly went clubbing. Sold club tickets, using a computer science student’s help to buy 1000s instantly. Spent my entire student loan on tickets. It was worth it.

“Landed a fancy job at Barclays in Canary Wharf. Got promoted to Assistant Vice-President, and the money was too good to pass up. But it wasn’t fulfilling, so I launched Avi TV, centred around business, wealth and success.

“Next thing you know, I somehow convinced the producers of BBC’s The Apprentice to let me on the show. Barclays gave me an ultimatum: the show or the job. Now I’m unemployed but famous.” Anyway!

Bradley Johnson

Bradley is the managing director of Garden Rooms – which has three os in it for some reason. His LinkedIn is a lot of Apprentice piccies, and this very corporate “Specialising in real estate and construction, I’ve amassed over 10 years’ experience in property surveying. I’m passionate about translating project visions and objectives into reality, offering tangible results that surpass client expectations. Level 3 Certified Domestic Energy Assessor, skilled in Joinery & Plumbing. Experience in project management and real estate.”

Dani Donovan

As far as I can find, Dani is the only candidate who doesn’t have LinkedIn!

Denisha Kaur Bharj

As far as I can find, Dani is the only candidate who doesn’t have LinkedIn!

Denisha Kaur Bharj

Denisha is the self-declared EMPRESS of Lashes. Are we bowing down? Remains to be seen. Her profile says the following: “A highly motivated and hardworking individual who is currently a candidate on The Apprentice 2023 Series 17 currently showing on the BBC looking for a £250,000 investment with Lord Sugar to launch a new product into the beauty industry.

“Having gained a First at University in an Accounting & Finance Degree, Denisha has since worked and gained experience in both practice and industry. Having held roles with a high level of responsibility she has consistently added value and applied her skill set and knowledge to the business.”

Emma Browne

The Apprentice 2023 first out Emma hasn’t set a cover photo on her LinkedIn profile, which I must confess does stress me out. Her whole LinkedIn is shouting about how she’s open to work and she’s actively applying for jobs, so I think Lord Sugar probably fired the right business.

Gregory Ebbs

Apprentice 2023 LinkedIn

The king of cannons himself! Cannons aside, he’s also a Lib Dem councillor. Crickets. Of all The Apprentice 2023 candidates, he’s got a wordy LinkedIn about that reads: “I am a hardworking self taught individual who isn’t afraid to take on new challenges. With experience in both government, NGO’s and private enterprise, both domestic and abroad, I have a unique insight which would add value to any organisation.

“Due to Covid 19, I was forced to leave Malta and develop my career in the UK. Unwilling to procrastinate throughout the lockdown, in the last six months I have setup an antiques business with both a high street and online profile, built myself a 800+ page website with an inbuilt data management system for keeping track of stock, taxation and insurance, taught myself how to use google analytics and incorporate its functionality with my website, code in PHP, CSS, MySql and HTML, improved upon my product photography skills, learnt the guitar, organised an antiques fair at Hawkstone Hall and I am currently standing as county representative for Whitchurch South on behalf of the Liberal Democrats.

I have established business links with some of the most prestigious historical organisations in the UK and abroad, not limited to English Heritage, Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna, Woolwich Military Police Museum and others. For example, one of my most recent sales to English Heritage will take centre place at Pendennis Castle Museum Exhibition in Cornwall. If you are looking for a resourceful professional who has experience in public policy, heritage, tourism, website design, ecommerce, setting up a new business, SEO, events management and others, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Joe Phillips

Apprentice 2023 LinkedIn

Hallelujah! A LinkedIn profile that isn’t just their Apprentice picture! Zoology posho Joe bigs himself up like so: “I graduated from Exeter University with a 1st class Zoology BSc before specialising in Ethology with the DCE at Oxford. I am proud to have graduated at the top of my class, winning the ‘Dean’s Commendation for Academic Excellence’.

“As a keen entrepreneur, I started up a small business at university called ‘Falifornia’, which is now an established student brand. We organise freshers events, graduation balls and employ a number of students to help with the distribution of our products.After identifying a market opportunity for a sustainable, ocean-friendly lip balm, I launched ‘Surf Balm’ which is stocked in over 50 retailers across the UK and South Africa. Diving into the retail environment has ignited my excitement for business and the FMCG market.

“More recently I was invited to take part in the BBC business documentary ‘The Apprentice’. I am enthusiastic, positive and ambitious. I’m always eager to learn and I throw myself into a challenge with a result-driven attitude.”

LOVE him calling The Apprentice a business documentary.

Kevin D’Arcy

What the fresh faced baby is going on here!!!

Mark Moseley

Apprentice 2023 LinkedIn

Did you know ex-military Mark was in the army? He never shuts up about it, so of course you did! He binned off the army to run a pest control company.

“I am the founder of PestGone Environmental Ltd an award winning Pest Control and Environmental Services company run by military veterans covering London & the South East. Having spent so many years overseas operating in hostile environments when in the military and then in the private security sector, it seemed a natural progression to start a company that oversees and protects people, as well as some of London’s well known buildings and hotels from unwanted visitors (pests).”

Is he comparing infestations to war? Not sure what’s going on? “Unwanted visitors (pests)” a particular lowlight here.

Marnie Swindells

Apprentice 2023 LinkedIn

Boxing company owner and former barrister Marnie has used the term “The Marnie Army” on her LinkedIn, and we should not support this. Avi Sharma has endorsed her which is quite wholesome, though.

Megan Hornby

No pic or cover photo? What the shifty and anon is going on here? It’s giving me discreet Grindr men PTSD. Megan’s LinkedIn does reveal that she worked at Vodafone and Nando’s before she started Club Candy – humble queen! I hope she wins the whole show to be honest.

Reece Donnelly

What the hell is going on with the lack of pics? Everyone looks so dodgy.

Rochelle Anthony

The Kim Kardashian of the business world herself has an iconic LinkedIn that stands apart from its Apprentice 2023 peers thanks to camp factor alone. “Born in London, raised in Milton Keynes. Always dreamed of being a salon owner but breaking the airhead mould! 11 years later. Proud Owner of a 3 storey Super Salon in the heart of Central Milton Keynes. Catering for all hair textures. All Hair Extension techniques and Specialist in Correcting Colour and Balayage.”

Breaking the airhead mould!

Shannon Martin

I honestly think if Shannon didn’t quit the show she’d have won it, but good to see her thriving with Dotty Bridal and Off The Peg. She needs a slay pic though!

Shazia Hussain

Apprentice 2023 LinkedIn

Shazia has a VERY efficient and serious and active LinkedIn, probably the most out of all the candidates from The Apprentice 2023. She’s recruiting for Bupa like nobody’s business on there!

Simba Rwambiwa

Justice for Simba, who should be in The Apprentice final as far as I’m concerned! His LinkedIn profile proves why he was the best guy in The Apprentice 2023, saying “I am the Managing Director at Palmlove Care Services. I have over 10 years of experience within the Health and Social Care industry, starting as a carer and working my way up. My career in Healthcare started when I was supporting my late mother when she required care. After seeing the immense positive impact this had on my mother’s quality of life, I also wanted to help others in similar circumstances.

“I am also a 2023 candidate on series 17, The Apprentice, where I am competing against other like-minded business people, competing for Lord Sugar’s £250,000 business investment. I have my eye on the prize and hope to use the investment to further develop Palmlove Care Services to provide an even better customer experience for our clients.”

Sohail Chowdhary

Sohail’s ‘about’ section on LinkedIn says about as many words as he actually said on the show: “Entrepreneur with multiple ventures. Founder of AG Martial Arts.”

Victoria Goulbourne

Apprentice 2023 LinkedIn

The scouse slay herself Vicky G has social influencer higher than business owner on her LinkedIn, which I think is actualyl very honest and iconic. Get them Insta coins my dorlin!

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