The rumoured cast for Drag Race All Stars 8 is here, and sis? It’s a slay

I won’t know peace until Jimbo gets a crown

Another day, another Drag Race rumoured cast – and this time it’s for the upcoming All Stars 8! The Nandy Drews of the Drag Race fandom have been beavering away collating information on who the rumoured queens to make up the cast will be – and like we know with these things, they usually get it pretty damn accurate! All Stars 8 was allegedly filmed in July last year, and streets are saying the season will premiere almost straight away after Drag Race season 15 ends. Here’s the queens who make up the rumoured cast of Drag Race All Stars 8, according to who was absent from gigs and inactive on social media during the filming months.

Take this list with a pinch of salt, the rumoured queens are often accurate but it is not certain yet until the official announcement if this cast is the final lineup!

Alexis Michelle (Season nine)

Well, Tamar have you ever watched the show? A bit of an icon, if you ask me – in a hauntingly Lea Michele type way. Alexis came fifth on season nine – she won Snatch Game!

Darienne Lake (Season six)

Darienne Lake has had a major body transformation since her last season, and considering she got to top four on season six she could still be a major contender to the crown on All Stars 8.

Heidi N Closet (Season 12)

Heidi N Closet, season 12’s Miss Congeniality, is a fan fave that everyone has been dying to see back on the show. If the rumoured cast for Drag Race All Stars 8 is true, you know full well she’ll be absolutely adored. As she should be!

Jaymes Mansfield (Season nine)

Jaymes Mansfield has become a fan fave despite performing badly on season nine – she’s one of those queens that just didn’t fit Drag Race the first time around and if the rumours are true she might be back to prove the judges wrong!

Jessica Wild (Season two)

I luv this drink! A season two OG queen who came back to be a lip sync assassin in All Stars recently, is she now back for another go? I’d love to see Jessica Wild back – it’s been over a decade!

Jimbo (Canada’s Drag Race season one, UK Vs The World)

CROWN IT!!! And considering Ru loves Jimbo as much as I do if not more, he very much just might!

Kahanna Montrese (Season 11)

The drag daughter of the legendary Coco Montrese went home early on season 11 of Drag Race, but if the All Stars 8 rumoured cast is to be believed then she will be back back back again following a successful run as part of the rotating cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race Live in Vegas.

Kandy Muse (Season 13)

If this rumoured Drag Race cast for All Stars 8 is true, it will make Kandy Muse the only runner up to compete on the season! She will be coming for the crown, trust.

LaLa Ri (Season 13)

Really hoping this one is true, because I absolutely love this Miss Congeniality queen and need her to come back and redo the bag ball look in an extremely iconic high fashion manner!

Monica Beverly Hillz (Season five)

Monica Beverly Hillz made history by becoming the first ever queen to come out as trans during the filming of the show – others before her came out after or during the reunion! It’s been years since she’s been back and involved in the franchise, so it will be amazing to see her back if the rumours are true.

Mrs. Kasha Davis (Season seven)

Shaking, crying, throwing up. In the immortal words of Sarah Harding, it’s about time!

Naysha Lopez (Season eight)

Eliminaysha herself! She’s been being a messy menace during her hosting duties at Roscoe’s Tavern – Bring on the drama if the rumours are true!

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